Kannaway Energy Chews Review – CBD Hemp Oil, Caffeine & B Vitamins?

Kannaway Energy Chews

The relatively recent legalization of cannabis and hemp products in the United States have made a wide range of both recreational and medicinal cannabis products available to the public. Research into the health benefits cannabis have yielded a wide range of applications that take advantage of the unique restorative and healing properties of cannabinoid compounds extracted from the plant.

CBD oil, the potent healing substance that is found in medicinal cannabis extracts, has been demonstrated to deliver a wide range of health benefits, helping to reduce anxiety, help manage the symptoms of diabetes, relieve pain and inflammation, and even minimize the impact of seizures. CBD oil preparations are now available in a broad spectrum of products, from sublingual and topical sprays to creams, lotions, and tonics.

A new kind of CBD hemp oil product, however, is bridging the gap between recreational edible CBD products and medicinal CBD oil products. Kannaway, one of the leading manufacturers of organic CBD hemp oil products, has recently released a new chocolate energy chew product that combines the healing and calming benefits of CBD hemp oil with naturally stimulating coffee extract to create a chocolate flavored edible that functions as a healthy alternative to sugar-rich coffee products.

The average Frappucino from Starbucks contains a massive 66 grams of sugar, which is more than three times the recommended daily intake dictated by the World Health Organization. Energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Monster, are also extremely rich in sugar, containing over 60 grams of sugar on average. These beverages also contain a significant amount of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients.

Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews offer health-conscious consumers a healthy, low calorie, low sugar, and extremely convenient way to gain an immediate natural caffeine boost first thing in the morning, while also providing the health benefits of organic CBD Hemp oil.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Kannaway Energy Chews formula and find out about the health benefits they offer to help you determine whether they’re the right sugar-rich caffeine beverage replacement for you.

What Are Kannaway Energy Chews?

Kannaway Energy Chews are a groundbreaking new caffeine infused CBD hemp oil product from Kannaway that offer health-conscious consumers a healthy, low-calorie alternative to unhealthy high calorie caffeine beverages. Instead of relying on chemical ingredients and artificial stimulants, Kannaway offer an all-natural and potent formula completely free of artificial flavors or compounds.

Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews also offer a unique advantage over other caffeine-rich beverages. The caffeine in the average cup of coffee or energy drink is metabolized almost instantly, providing an instant hit of caffeine that, while effective in providing immediate stimulation, quickly burns out the glycogen levels in the muscles and depletes blood sugar levels, resulting in a crash that can leave coffee drinkers tired and irritable by mid-morning.

The Kannaway Energy Chews formula, however, provides 100 mg of slow-release caffeine that is slowly supplied to the body at a slow but regular rate. Although the Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews formula contains roughly half the caffeine of the average cup of coffee, the effects are longer lasting and slower-burning, providing a healthier and more effective solution.

Kannaway are the world’s leading provider of CBD hemp oil products, and provide a massive range of nutraceuticals, topical solutions, edibles, beauty products, and medicinal CBD product ranges. One of the biggest advantages offered by the Kannaway brand is their commitment to reliable, consistent dosages that are lab-verified.

Many of the CBD Hemp oil products available on the market today use unreliable extraction techniques that yield low-quality CBD hemp oil, making estimating dosage difficult. The Full Spectrum Premium Hemp Oil that Kannaway incorporate into the Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews formula contains just 0.26% THC, offering no psychoactive profile, while containing a 10.31% total potential CBD, making it one of the purest and most effective CBD hemp oil solutions available on the market.

The Kannaway Energy Chews Formula

The Kannaway Energy Chews contains a unique formula that makes it one of the most interesting CBD hemp oil products on the market. Each Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chew contains 100 mg of slow-release caffeine that delivers a potent wake-up call, as well as 5 mg of healing CBD hemp oil.

The Kannaway Energy Chew formula is also fortified with a B vitamin complex that is able to enhance the efficiency with which the body converts dietary intake into energy, helping users feel energized and focused all day long.

Each Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chew contains just 20 calories, far less than the average Starbucks coffee, with only 2 grams of sugar per serving. Importantly, the Kannaway Energy Chew formula is completely free from GMO ingredients, which have been proven to cause a wide range of negative health effects such as hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, and metabolic syndrome.

The Kannaway Energy Chew formula is also completely vegan friendly, and contains no animal or dairy products. Made entirely in the USA in cGMP compliant, FDA-approved production facilities, Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews are one of the healthiest alternatives to high-calorie caffeine beverages available.

Kannaway Energy Chews Verdict

Kannaway offer an innovative and unique morning pick-me-up in the form of their Chocolate Energy Chews that not only provides an instant caffeine energy boost, but delivers a broad spectrum of CBD hemp oil health benefits. If you’re looking for a CBD-infused coffee alternative, Kannaway Energy Chews are a great option.

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