Lumo Run Review – Lumo BodyTech Smart Wearble Running Shorts Coach?

lumo run

Lumo Run claims to be the first smart tracker that analyzes your running form and offers personalized coaching. Find out more about Lumo Run today in our review.

What is Lumo Run?

Lumo Run is a small wearable device that clips onto the back of your running shorts (in alignment with your spine). The device tracks your movement as you run. You get real-time feedback on your form, then a full analysis of your run after you’re done.

Lumo Run works with your phone to deliver audio feedback as you run. You also get information about your pace, distance, and GPS location. So far, Lumo Run is only compatible with the iPhone 5S or newer.

After your run, Lumo Run can recommend strength exercises and post-workout strategies you can use to boost your long-term strength and enhance your running form. You can use Lumo Run with your phone or without it (although it works better with your phone, because you can track GPS location and pace).

What Does Lumo Run Measure?

Lumo Run measures several crucial data points as you run. The company claims to base its measurements off research from Loughborough University. Metrics include:

  • Cadence: Your steps per minute
  • Braking: The change in forward velocity
  • Bounce: Vertical oscillation
  • Pelvic Rotation: The rotation of your pelvis
  • Pelvic Drop: Side to side drop of the pelvis

Lumo Run Features

Overall, Lumo Run promises to deliver personalized coaching at your fingertips. The Lumo Run app interprets data from the wearable device, then gives you recommendations based on that data. Here are some of the core features of the personalized coaching system:

  • Real-Time Audio Coaching: You get feedback on your form through your headphones as you run.
  • Personalized Exercises: You get pre and post-run exercise recommendations based on your data. Lumo Run might recommend stretches or light exercises after a run, for example, to keep your muscles pain-free and improve your form over time.
  • 5 Different Biomechanics Metrics: Lumo Run will measure your cadence, braking, bounce, pelvic rotation, and pelvic drop.
  • Sweat-proof & Waterproof: Lumo Run is sweat proof and waterproof – so even if you have a sweaty back while you run, Lumo Run won’t get damaged.
  • Phone-Free Running: If you want the real-time audio feedback, then you need to use your phone while you run with Lumo Run. You also need your phone for location and pace data. However, you have the option to run phone-free if you don’t mind giving up these features.

Benefits of Lumo Run Coaching

Lumo Run emphasizes gradual improvements to your running techniques. Some of the key benefits of Lumo Run include:

Gradual Changes: Lumo Run calls this “small improvements for long-term results”. The platform uses a 5% coaching model that emphasizes gradual changes over time to help you become a better runner. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will gradually coach you towards success.

  • In-Run Coaching: Receive real-time feedback on your running form to stay on track.
  • Strength Training: Lumo Run recommends specific exercises to build strength throughout your body – something that can significantly improve your running form.
  • Data-Driven Personalization: Lumo Run focuses on the metrics that matter most to you. If you want to improve your sprints, for example, or your long distance running, then Lumo Run can accommodate your requests.

Lumo Run Pricing

Lumo Run is available in two different options:

  • Buy the clip and sensor, then clip the sensor onto your ordinary workout clothes
  • Buy the sensor and Lumo apparel, which features special slots and clips for the sensor

Here’s how pricing breaks down for all of the options:

  • Lumo Run Sensor & Clip: $99.99 USD
  • Lumo Run Capris: $99.99
  • Lumo Run Shorts: $99.99

All purchases come with free US shipping, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a one year warranty. You can also buy a two pack of the clip/sensor package for $179.98 – so you can save a bit of money if buying for two.

Who Makes Lumo Run?

Lumo Run was made by Lumo Bodytech, a company founded in 2011. The company was founded by Stanford entrepreneurs Monisha Perkash (CEO and co-founder), Dr. Charles Wang (COO and co-founder), and Andrew Chang (CTO and co-founder).

Lumo Bodytech is headquartered in Mountain View, CA at the following address:

201 San Antonio Circle Suite #135

Mountain View, CA 94040

Lumo Bodytech is a privately-held company. The company’s other core product is called Lumo Lift, which is a posture coach and activity tracker. You can contact Lumo Bodytech by phone at (877) 702-7866. Or, use the contact information listed.

Should You Buy Lumo Run?

Lumo Run is a fitness tracking sensor that clips onto your clothing to provide valuable information as you run. The sensor is used by Olympians and high-level athletes – but is priced at a rate the average runner can afford ($100 for the sensor and clip combo, or for the sensor and clothing combo). Using Lumo Run, you can improve your running form by tracking 5 crucial biometrics, including your cadence, pace, braking, pelvic rotation, bounce, and pelvic drop. You can run with your phone – or let the device do most of the work.

Lumo Run delivers real-time audio feedback during your run. Then, once your run is complete, Lumo Run can recommend specific strength exercises to help improve your form and build your long-term strength.

By making small changes to your running form today, you can enjoy steady improvements over time. The company’s coaching emphasizes 5% changes today for long-term changes down the road.

If you want a fitness tracker that can improve your running through genuine science, then Lumo Run may be worth a purchase.

Buy Lumo Run Review – Lumo BodyTech Smart Wearble Running Shorts Coach?

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