Natera CBD Review – Nanomist Oral Spray & Cannabidiol Skin Serums?


Hemp has been used in agricultural applications throughout human history, with many cultures throughout the ages growing, harvesting, and processing it for its wide range of textile properties and health benefits. The hemp plant is a variant of the cannabis sativa plant that, unlike its psychoactive cousin, contains extremely low levels of THC, the stimulant compound in recreational cannabis products.

The recent legislative changes in the United States surrounding the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of hemp products has led to a wide range of advances in the science of hemp and hemp products, with one of the most significant breakthroughs occurring in the extraction and use of CBD hemp oil.

CBD hemp oil is a derivative of the hemp plant that is extremely rich in cannabinoids, or CBD. Almost all vertebrates in on the planet use cannabinoid compound in their bodies, and have specific receptors that have evolved specifically to interact with these compounds. Cannabinoids have been demonstrated to deliver a wide range of health benefits, and have been proven to function as extremely effective treatments for a wide range of medical conditions.

Non-psychoactive CBD hemp oil extractions have been demonstrated to deliver potent anxiolytic effects, minimizing the symptoms of anxiety, and are able to balance mood with nootropic properties. One of the most important benefits offered by CBD hemp oil is its ability to minimize the inflammatory response of the body, reducing back pain, joint pain, and arthritic conditions. Cannabinoid-rich hemp extractions are even able to help manage the symptoms of diabetes, and have shown great promise in managing seizures and conditions such as epilepsy.

Finding a reliable, professional, and scientific extraction based manufacturer of CBD hemp oil is typically a difficult process and depends on the hemp industry infrastructure in any given local area, but a new range of products offered by health product manufacturer Naturally Splendid is stepping in to fill the gap, providing health enthusiasts everywhere with an intelligently-formulated, clinically-dosed range of innovative CBD hemp oil products through the Natera CBD line.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Natera CBD range of products from Naturally Splendid and find out what makes them different from other CBD hemp oil products to help you decide whether they’re the right cannabinoid health supplement solution for you.

What is Natera CBD?

Natera is an arm of Naturally Splendid that focuses on providing high quality, professionally extracted high purity CBD products. Launched in 2013, Natera CBD is one of the first professional health product manufacturers to leverage the health benefits of CBD hemp oil, and offers a broad spectrum of hemp-derived products that deliver a wide range of health benefits.

With a selection of hemp seeds and hemp-based proteins, the Natera arm of Naturally Splendid has typically avoided CBD related products, but by incorporating cutting edge high purity laboratory based extraction techniques into their manufacturing base, Natera have stepped into the world of CBD hemp oil products with the Natera CBD line.

Natera CBD products are completely GMO-free and certified as using completely natural, organic ingredients. Importantly, the entire Natera CBD range is entirely free from THC, the psychoactive compound found in recreational cannabis products, and boasts a nano-amplified CBD formula that makes it extremely bioavailable. Natera CBD products are also free from gluten, making them suitable for celiac individuals and those with a gluten intolerance.

The Natera CBD Range

The Natera CBD line of products consists of a selection of five different product types that are all manufactured in the United States in FDA-approved, cGMP production adherent facilities. We’ll proceed to break down the Natera CBD lineup and find out what it offers.

CBD Nanomists

The first product in the Natera CBD range are a selection of CBD Nanomists. Using a proprietary nanomist delivery method, Natera CBD Nanomist is available in three different formulas. The Brain CBD Nanomist is intended to provide neuro-agility and nootropic functions, protecting mental function, and is available in berry flavor.

The Melon CBD Nanomist Discomfort formula is intended to provide relief from tension, pain, and stress, while the final formula, CBD Nanomist Calm, is enhanced with natural grape flavor and promotes overall relaxation and mental calmness.

CBD Renew

The Natera CBD Renew is one of the first anti-aging CBD hemp oil products on the market, and offers micro-encapsulated healing cannabinoids that are able to deliver anti-aging, pain relieving, and muscle soothing abilities. With an adaptogenic, nano-amplified, highly bioavailable formula, the CBD Renew formula is a potent natural cosmeceutical solution.

CBD Relax

The CBD Relax formula includes 8 different homeopathic remedies along with high-strength, high-purity CBD hemp and natural menthol to create a soothing, relaxing topical solution that delivers relief from muscle soreness and joint pain while providing aromatherapy benefits.

CBD Caps

Natera CBD Caps are phyto-cannabinoid capsules that deliver a full spectrum of CBD health benefits, promoting healthy sleep, reducing inflammation, minimizing pain, and managing anxiety with no THC content.

CBD Shots

Available in two flavors, Mixed Berry and DreamBerry, Natera CBD Shots are one of the first and healthiest THC free CBD hemp oil energy drinks available on the market. Delivering 240 mg of caffeine and 0 calories, CBD Shots are a non-habit-forming, healthy way to gain a natural energy boost.

Energy Gum

The final product in the Natera CBD line, Natera Energy Gum, is a sugar-free, low calorie energy boosting gum that has been scientifically proven to boost mental focus and physical output. Containing a B vitamin complex, caffeine, and natural CBD hemp oil, Natera Energy Gum contains no artificial stimulants and is extremely bioavailable.

The Natera CBD Verdict

The Natera CBD range is one of the most innovative range of consumer health CBD hemp oil products available. With a focus on cosmeceutical, natural energy boosting, and age reversing benefits, Natera have created a comprehensive and intelligently-formulated line of potent and effective CBD products. If you’re looking for a natural, THC free CBD hemp oil solution, Natera CBD has what you’re looking for.

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