NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate Review

Whey protein is a great protein for anyone who is trying to build lean muscle tissue or meet fitness goals. There are many supplements that promise whey protein, but the whey comes from grain fed cows that are injected with hormones (to make them grow faster) and antibiotics (to ‘prevent’ infection from deplorable conditions the animals are kept in). These cows are often stressed, malnourished, and in some cases abused. The quality of the product they produce is lessened due to their stress and their diet, so the quality of the product you are getting is lessened also.

Today we will be discussing a product called NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate. It comes from grass fed, hormone and antibiotic, pasture raised cows. We will be reviewing this product and helping you determine if it is the right product for you to switch to

What is NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate?

NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate is a whey protein supplement powder that is designed to help body building and fitness goals. Protein is essential to building muscle tissue, and whey is considered to be one of the best sources for protein available.

How does the Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate work?

The Whey Protein Concentrate comes from grass-fed cows that are raised in a pasture. Because this is their natural feeding grounds, the whey that comes from these cows is more nutritious and fulfilling than grain fed cows. NOW Health also does not use growth hormones in their cows or antibiotics that many farmers use on their cows.

The cows are allowed to graze in a pasture as they please, and in doing so create a superior whey product that is more nutritious than competitors’. Because they do not use antibiotics on their cows, you can also be rest assured you are not going to be ingesting harmful chemicals either.

Other benefits of the Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate include:

-Does not contain any rBGH (growth hormones) or antibiotics

-The whey that is in this product comes from pasture raised, grass fed cows (no grain fed cows)

-Mixes smoothly and easily

-Ultra filtered for smoothness and fine grain

-Processed in low temperatures to limit damage to the proteins and other nutrients in the whey

-Very easily digested

-This product is soy free, corn free, nut, and egg free

-It is non GMO, paleo friendly, and high in protein content

-This product is not flavored so it can easily be added to just about any drink you like. It can be mixed with sports drinks, into smoothies, and much more

-Whey protein is considered to have one of the highest biological quality of any protein source

-This supplement is not designed to be a replacement for meals, but it does have vitamins and minerals that can support a healthy diet

Who makes the Whey Protein Concentrate?

The Whey Protein Concentrate is made by a company called NOW Health. NOW Health specializes in many different health and wellness supplements and products, many of which can be found in health food stores around the nation. To find a store that carries their products, you can search on their website by your area

NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate Pricing

The MSRP of this product is $32.99, but they do not offer this product for sale directly from their website. For pricing information, you can visit their website to find a retailer near you or a website to order this product from.

Learn More About NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate

You can learn more about NOW Health Grass Fed Whey Protein Concentrate, read about how this product can benefit you, and find a retailer near you that carries this product at their website at

You can also view specific nutrition facts, instructions, and information on NOW Health and how their company is contributing to quality health products nationwide.

Should You Buy NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate?

If you are looking for a better quality whey supplement, want to add a whey supplement you your diet to encourage a great workout plan, or just want to try something new, the NOW Sports Whey Protein Concentrate may be the right product for you to try. This whey is a very high quality whey product that will help you meet your fitness goals without any of the extra harmful chemicals that are added in.

Because the cows are pasture and grass fed, you will be getting the highest quality, most nutritious whey protein product available. The best nutrition comes from cows that are hormone, antibiotic, and stress free, and this reflects in the quality of whatever product you are using.

Because this product is not flavored, it is very versatile also. You can mix it into just about anything you like: milk, juice, smoothies, etc. Anything you would like to mix it into, you can. Because it is ultra filtered, it will mix in completely and smoothly with no gritty residue.

For more information on how the cows are raised for this product, how this product can benefit you, and how beneficial whey is to a solid workout program visit their website for details.

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