HERO Bar Review – Superfuel Nutritional Protein Bars For Kids & Athletes?

Hero Bar Product

True ‘healthy snacking options’ are hard to come by these days, let alone healthy snacking options for kids.

All of today’s so called ‘health bars’ come loaded with copious amounts of sugar, carbs and unhealthy fatty acids.

They start to accumulate within one’s body from an early age, and thus can cause various issues later in one’s adult life.

Visible effects begin to start shown when one crosses their teenage years, and hence problems like obesity, balding, high blood pressure start to appear.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that the nutrition being delivered to young, growing children (ages 6-14) be highly specialized, so that they can grow up to be healthy adults.

About Hero Bar

Hero bar is an all new ‘healthy snacking option’ that has been devised particularly for individuals who are between the ages of 6-14.

The composition of the bar has been done in a unique way, such that child is able to experience heightened levels of energy release upon consumption.

This allows kids to be more active and perform at a high level athletically. It also helps improve their focus so that they can be more attentive and concentrated while performing ‘brain intensive’ activities. Some of the key features of Hero Bar include:

  • High on Protein: each serving of this potent snack features an inclusion of 10gms of pure proteins.

These proteins have been sourced from highly bioavailable components (whey), and thus can be utilized by our bodies quite quickly.

This protein intake allows for the optimization of our metabolic systems , so that the production of muscle and fibre content can be increased.

  • Healthy Carbohydrates: each bar contains a balanced mix of 50% simple and 50% complex carbs.

These components help in the release of energy via a metabolic breakdown using our stomach acids.

Thus, when a child consumes the snack, he/she will see an immediate improvement in their vitality levels.

However, Hero Bar contains 7 g of soluble fibre which helps a child remain focused. From a digestive perspective, this fibre content helps optimize the working of our intestines and stomach acids so that food can be broken down and harvested well.

Other beneficial aspects.

  • All natural: none of the components in these bars have been found to be chemically synthesised. For example, they contain Whey proteins which contain copious amounts of BCAA’s which are fast digesting as well as provide benefits in relation to muscle development and repair.
  • Gluten Free: all of the bars are free of common allergens like Gluten. Thus, users can be assured that the bars will flare up any dormant allergies.
  • Natural Sweeteners: to obtain its sweet taste, Hero bars have utilized ‘Organic Clover Honey’ which is easy to break down by our bodies and thus harvest for energy release purposes.
  • Healthy Nut content: each bar contains a good volume of healthy nuts like almonds and cashews which not only provide good amounts of energy, but also act as a good source of protein.
  • Organic Coconut Content: coconuts are widely known for their antioxidant and electrolyte content. Thus, they are ideal for helping young children recover from intense bouts of exercise or sporting sessions. Coconut extract replaces our lost electrolytes quite quickly and thus helps in the faster hydration of our cells.

Dosage Directions.

  • For ideal results, a bar should be given to a child 30 minutes before he/she goes out play or do some exercises.
  • For recovery benefits, a bar should be served 30 minutes after the commencement of the workout/exercise routine.
  • Since the bar comes in a resealable pouch, users can choose to take a couple of bites and then store it for consumption later.

Pricing and Availability

All purchases need to be made from the official online store. (https://www.shopherofuel.com)

The various options available for purchase include:

  • Cookies and Cream: the pack contains 12 bars and is priced at $29.99
  • Chocolate Nut Brownie: similar to the above option, it contains 12 bars and is priced at $29.99.

Other products available for purchase include T-shirts in different colours and sizes.

Payments can be done using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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