Mevics Review – Healthy Posture Tracker & Physical Fitness Activity Monitor?

Wearable technology is currently the greatest expanding area in technology. Known simply as “wearables”, these devices are worn as accessories and often function as activity trackers. Encouraging users to become more active and engaged in their health and lifestyle choices, these smart devices are visible reminders to adopt better habits.

By gathering real-time data to offer information on individual health, the continuous monitoring provides an analysis and can empower individuals to improve health. These devices are a critical component for the future of health and wellness.

Mevics is a tech gadget that tracks posture and physical activity. Created by a group of expert programmers, the device was made with the intention to approach healthy living for the entire family. An innovative approach to improving health, Mevics is the first generation of devices that is able to help both adults and children maintain healthy posture throughout the day.

Featuring a minimalist design and superior technology Mevics is now the face of an innovative company that makes healthcare and medicine products to improve spine health. Mevics allows user to prevent the adverse effects sedentary and inactive lifestyles, developing solutions for the prevention and diagnostic aspects of spine problems.

About Mevics

Mevics was created for the practical purpose of improving and correcting posture. A small, magnetically-charged, capsule sized device, the wearable tracker measures at 30x40mm and fits comfortably under clothing.

With the main device hidden beneath clothing, Mevics works by gently vibrating when users begin to slouch and hunch over. As a result, the user is made aware of their posture and will learn to sit correctly. Training the muscles of the back, Mevics allows users to form the habit of sitting straight.

Compact and subtle, the Mevics device can be worn without attracting any unwanted attention. A solution for anyone who struggles with posture, Mevics is suitable for all lifestyle needs.

In the workplace, the device encourages staying active and fit, even in sedentary environments. Providing correct spinal positioning and correct breathing techniques, maintaining health is directly linked to the spine and posture.

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Mevics helps monitor daily activities. Whether a walk or run, the device displays daily data. Ideal for children, the Mevics device promotes healthy posture from the earliest stages of development.

Helping children adopt the habit of sitting straight, the wearable device prevents curvature of the spine. Through aiding users maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape, this wearable device is ideal for those who live both inactive and active lifestyles.

How Mevics Works

Targeting people in the workforce, the creators of Mevics realized that at some point in the day almost everyone sitting at a computer will begin to slouch. Although unnoticeable to most, slouching and incorrect spinal posture can result in serious health risks.

The team decided to create a way to determine the position of the spine. Based on the physiology and anatomy of the body, Mevics was made to function as a personal office trainer and allow users to become aware of posture.

Compatible with most smartphones, Mevics is designed to be paired with its free app, providing an interface for users. The Mevics app syncs with the device and collects data. Interacting with a smartphone, users can track statistics from the beginning of the day. For every moving and sitting activity, the app monitors all of the information in real time.

Displayed in a statistics graph, the information allows users to analyze their posture throughout the day. By incorporating the Fitness Tracker, the Mevics app also counts steps, distance traveled, and calories burned throughout the day.

Benefits of Mevics

Today, millions of adults suffer from health issues related to posture. Good posture is essential for maintaining overall health, since bad posture can cause various health conditions such as breathing difficulties, low blood circulation, and pinched nerves. A hard habit to curb, changing posture can take months.

To prevent permanent damage, Mevics is designed to treat symptoms which usually manifest as headaches, neck pain, and lower back pain. Because poor posture is directly linked to chronic pain, the device is made to trigger a self-awareness using reminders.

Based on strategies and exercises that effectively improve posture, Mevics uses an algorithm that determines the angles of the spine in all segments. Comparing the data with normal posture, it determines spinal curvature for each wearer. By helping user meet goals, Mevics is a useful tool for increasing body awareness.

Mevicc reduces the severity of pain associated with bad posture, improving posture by force of will. The vibration sensation eliminates bad habits such as sitting on the edge of a chair, leaning to close into a computer screen, and walking with shoulders sloped.

Purchasing Mevics

Mevics will soon be available for pre-order on the KickStarter Platform. Once it is launched, it is estimated that the initial device will cost between $55 and $60. Released in autumn 2017, for more information, customers can receive the latest updates from the website (

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