OY-L Bon Voyage Box Review

Health is becoming something that is talked about more and more these days. With a wider range of information available for the average person, whether online or elsewhere, a growing number of people are taking their health and wellness into their own hands. A huge focus when it comes to better health is what people eat. However, skin health is proving to be just as important, often being tied to conditions that break down the health and wellness of people.

OY-L was created to be a better skin care option for those concerned about to what they expose their bodies. Using safe, natural ingredients, OY-L products are able to provide better results, and all without compromising the health of users. Perfect for those looking for better solutions when it comes to their skin, OY-L is natural, safe, and effective.

About OY-L Bon Voyage Box

OY-L was created by Andrea Pierce-Naymon and, as is the case with many innovations, came out of a very personal need. Pierce-Naymon had worked in the fashion and style industry for years and had spent thousands of dollars on luxury skin care lines. Not worried about what was in these products, the founder of OY-L didn’t mind when her daughter began using the same products.

However, Pierce-Naymon’s daughter soon became ill, experiencing horrible pain and weakness that caused the mother to take a closer look at what she was exposing her daughter to. It came as a shock to the mother that the brands she loved and trusted were filled with chemicals that were toxic. It was at this point that she decided to start OY-L.

OY-L is a company that has a zero chemical policy for all its skin care products. Considered a luxury skin care line, OY-L uses botanical, safe ingredients to power its most popular products. By focusing on plant-derived formulations, OY-L has been able to give its customers a safe place to buy skin care products that are perfect for the entire family.

Promoting beauty, health, and safety, OY-L has quickly become a leader in the skin care industry. For those seeking skin care solutions that won’t compromise health and wellness, OY-L is the perfect solution.

What Makes OY-L Bon Voyage Box Different

One of the biggest ways OY-L is different is that the company is built around the concept of protecting the health of its users by using better ingredients. So often, skin care companies focus on getting results with their products, not caring about the long-term effects. However, OY-L believes that the health of each part of the body contributes to the overall health, in which case skin health is crucial for overall wellness.

Because the skin acts like a sponge, taking in parts of everything to which it is exposed, it is extremely important to only put the best of the best ingredients directly on the surface of the skin. OY-L is able to provide this support by using only natural, plant-based ingredients, being free of chemicals, fillers, and other harmful ingredients.

OY-L isn’t just focused on providing better products for its customers, but also on creating a better world for all of humanity. The company has dedicated itself to being as sustainable as possible, using ingredients from responsible sources and using sustainable packaging whenever possible.

By using glass containers, OY-L doesn’t just protect the formulations inside, but also allows its customers to recycle all OY-L containers after use. Another way OY-L shows its commitment to protect the environment is by doing no animal testing with its products, opting to test products on volunteer friends and family members instead.

Finally, OY-L is free of all the chemical ingredients that have been so closely tied to health and wellness problems. Customers will find no color pigments, parabens, or preservatives in these products. OY-L uses no mineral oil or petrolatum-based ingredients, opting instead to power its formulations through the effective ingredients derived from nature.

Whats Included In The OY-L Bon Voyage Box

While OY-L offers several amazing products, one of its most popular is the Bon Voyage Box. Made up of three sample sized products, the Bon Voyage Box is perfect for those who want to try out OY-L without a huge commitment or need their OY-L products to be travel-sized.

With a face wash, facial mist, and face cream, the OY-L Bon Voyage Box contains everything customers need to keep their skin looking fresh and healthy on the go.

A list and description of the three products found in the Bon Voyage Box is below.

OY-L Face Wash – Made with Manuka honey and hemp seed oil, this face wash is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, healing the skin while simultaneously soothing and restoring it.

OY-L Hydrating Facial Mist – Designed to be a quick way to get refreshed, this facial mist brightens dull, dry complexions and revitalizes users with the scent of lavender, Abyssinian, and rose.

OY-L Face Cream – Made from a wide range of botanical oils, this face cream heals and detoxifies, penetrating the skin to renew it at the most basic levels.

The OY-L Bon Voyage Box, which is available for purchase on the company website (www.OY-L.com), costs only $55.

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