ReCure Review – Smart Wearable For Chronic Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief?


ReCure is a pain relief system that promises to provide wearable relief for your neck and shoulders. Read our ReCure review to find out how it works.

What is ReCure?

ReCure, found online at, is a tension relief device for your neck. The device describes itself as “an interactive bandage that measures the acceleration of your neck and shoulder musculature and teaches you to release local tension through silent and gentle impulses”.

The device signals you to release that tension using small vibrations. When you feel a vibration, you can easily correct muscle tension, leading to reduced pain over time in your neck and shoulders.

ReCure is marketed as a way to relieve chronic pain in your neck and shoulders. Using ReCure over time, your neck and shoulders will automatically relax, which means you feel more comfortable throughout the whole day.

ReCure has not yet been launched. The company is preparing to launch on Kickstarter in the near future. You can sign up to receive more information about ReCure through their online form here.

The goal of ReCure is to provide individual and personalized coaching – including reminders and custom exercises – that help you avoid visiting a doctor or physical therapist. It also wants to improve your movements in real-time.

How Does ReCure Work?

ReCure comes with an app that aims to teach you more about your body – and why you experience neck and shoulder pain. The app and the ReCure device make up the core of the ReCure system.

ReCure works by measuring the acceleration of your neck and shoulder musculature. Then, the app uses that data to show you exactly which areas of the body are affected by tension – and how well you respond to the guiding impulses.

You wear the device across the back of your shoulders. It fits between your shoulder blades and provides contact points that reach up your shoulders and neck.

Using the ReCure app, you’re encouraged to track your daily progress. You can see how you’re getting better over time. Using the app regularly, you can teach yourself to automatically relieve pain in your neck and shoulders without the use of the ReCure device. That means fewer visits to the doctor or physiotherapist.

Another key feature of the app is to provide personalized coaching. The app gives you specially tailored exercises you can implement into your everyday life. The coach guides you through the correct execution of these exercises.

How to Buy ReCure

ReCure is not yet available. The company is preparing to launch on Kickstarter in the near future.

Their website just launched in February 2017. It’s unclear when they’re planning to start sending out the device to consumers. You can stay up-to-date on ReCure’s latest news using the online form here.

ReCure Pricing

Pricing details for ReCure have not yet been released.

About ReCure

There’s limited information about ReCure available online. We know that the company is based in Berlin, Germany. You can contact the company at [email protected] or by phone at +49 15754151709. The company appears to have been founded by Adrian Kreiskott.

Look for more information about ReCure – and the company behind the device – to appear online when they launch on Kickstarter in the near future!

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