Taza Agua Review – Volcanic Spring Water For Coffee & Tea Brew Drinks?

Taza Agua Review

Taza Agua is a premium, high quality bottled water product specifically for use in brewing coffee, tea, and hot cocoa. Here’s our Taza Agua review.

What Is Taza Agua?

Taza Agua is a bottled water product consisting of a patent-pending 500ml bottle and integrated Keurig K-Cup chamber in the bottom, complete with a K-Cup filled with high-end coffee, tea, or hot cocoa mix. Taza Agua water is bottled on-site in Costa Rica.

Taza Agua Features: How Does It Work?

Taza Agua is designed to work exclusively with the Keurig line of K-Cup hot beverage makers. The majority of each bottle of Taza Agua is filled with volcanic spring water sourced from the mountains of Nicoya in Costa Rica, a region known as a so-called “Blue Zone.”

The Nicoya Blue Zone is characterized by a population that boasts excellent physical health, especially in older residents.

The health and longevity effects of the region are thought to be influenced by the environment, particularly the water sources of the region, which are springs filtered through fertile volcanic soil. This leaves the water rich in minerals and provides for a unique, delicious taste.

Who Makes Taza Agua?

Taza Agua is a product of Costa Rica Water Coffee & Tea Co, a privately-owned company based in Costa Rica co-founded by Francini Retana. The company not just bottles the water but produces the coffee, tea, and hot cocoa mixes used in the Taza Agua K-Cups.

The company seems to do the bulk of its business in Central and South America, but it’s obvious that Taza Agua is being positioned to be marketed in North America or at least the United States very soon, based on the information listed on the Taza Agua website itself.

Taza Agua Ingredients

Taza Agua consists of two main ingredients – the spring water in the top compartment of the bottle, and the K-Cup in the smaller compartment at the bottom.

There are three different styles of K-Cup, all of which hold different ingredients:

  • Black Lava Coffee – a Costa Rican coffee sourced from farms in close proximity to Taza Agua’s water source
  • Black Lava Cocoa – a hot cocoa mix made with cocoa from similarly close cocoa farms
  • Taza Agua Tea – a proprietary blend of exotic tea leaves sourced from around the world

Taza Agua Pricing

There’s no available information on retail pricing for Taza Agua. Instead, the site offers contact information for anyone looking to purchase Taza Agua products wholesale.

The site offers two types of products – water bottles with a Taza Agua K-Cup already within, or bottles that are shipped without a K-Cup to be filled by a wholesaler with their own product. Wholesale pricing is likewise not revealed.

There doesn’t seem to be any other way to obtain Taza Agua directly unless you’re a wholesaler, which means the products are then sold at retail by any number of different distributors.

It’s not currently known where to find these products in a retail setting at the moment in markets outside South America, though this may change in the future.

Taza Agua Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

We’ve found just one source of reliable information about Taza Agua, and that’s from a tea aficionado that reviewed Taza Agua.

He gave the product a very positive review based on the quality of the water alone.


  • Exceedingly Pure Water – Our one reviewer noticed that when he brewed tea with Taza Agua, there was no film left inside his teacup – unlike his experience with brewing tea with tap water or even other bottled waters.
  • Pleasant Tasting – Our tea drinker tasted Taza Agua before using it to brew their tea, and they found it very pleasant tasting. There was no aftertaste and no discernable “mineral” taste either.


  • Not Universally Available – Taza Agua looks to be a product that is only now being introduced outside of its Latin American home.
  • This means that unless you live within Central or South America, you might not be able to find Taza Agua to try it until it begins getting distributed throughout North America.

Taza Agua Review Summary

Taza Agua represents an idea whose time has come – a bottled water product that’s expressly meant for use in coffeemakers and that’s bundled with coffee, tea, or hot cocoa specially designed for it.

The idea is innovative, though it is a bit niche as only the most passionate of coffeehounds are going to be interested in a product such as this.

However, we can see a market among those who work in an office setting and don’t want to use the bland Keurig choices in the company break room; we can envision office workers coming in with their own Taza Agua, complete with pre-selected K-Cup, and leaving it in the office refrigerator until break time, where they get to enjoy some premium coffee without having to leave the building.

The downsides right now to this product are logistical –we just don’t have any information as to who will be distributing it for sale in North America. This means we’ve got no price information either, so we can’t evaluate the economics of Taza Agua over a cup of coffee or tea you could buy at your local coffee shop.

We recommend keeping an eye out for this product when it hits store shelves near you. Even if it’s just for its novelty value, it’s likely to make a big splash.

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