Wonderfuel Drink Review – Coconut Oil MCT Superdrink & Cold Brew Coffee?

Wonder Fuel is a company that produces organic drinks that are rich with coconut oil, delivering important nutrition to your body. There are presently three different flavors available, catering to many different preferences.

What Is Wonder Fuel?

Wonder Fuel was started after the eventual creator, Sioma, took a trip to Kerala, during which time the benefits of coconut oil was exposed to him. Through the new knowledge, Sioma decided to create organic and vegan drinks that contain all the Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) can offer.

Coconut oil is not a stranger to the Indian culture, since both Eastern and Ayurvedic cultures have renowned it as an “elixir of life” over the years. It provides your body with impressive energy, without having to add any caffeine or protein to the blend. With its unique role in your body, it can even help you with your metabolism and your mental focus,

Ancient cultures have developed their own blends of coconut oil and caffeine to survive through harsh climates, since the combination helps to give you instant energy for your brain and body. However, you won’t have to worry about the crash, since this energy is natural and healthy. If you want to recharge your body quickly and get on with your day, Wonder Fuel can help.

Nutritional Information

When you consume any of the drinks through Wonder Fuel, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about the impressive nutritional profile. The company thrives on giving you the nourishment you need, but without all the rubbish that you don’t.

The drinks exclusively use organic ingredients, which are free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Each ingredient used is kosher and vegan friendly. In fact, you won’t even see any additional sugar or sweeteners.

Every drink also contains the coconut MCT oils described above.

Products From Wonder Fuel

Right now, Wonder Fuel manages to give you the delicious benefits of three different flavors. You may want a little more energy in your drinks, which is what the coffee-based remedies are for. Read on below to find out the options that are available to you through Wonder Fuel.


The Original flavor from Wonder Fuel is rich with superfoods that are free of caffeine. Instead of giving you an energy boost, you get the flavors of vanilla and cardamom spice, which makes the drink taste deliciously sweet.

The spices match the wholeness of the organic coconut milk and coconut water, replicating a recipe that has been used through the centuries.


The classic taste of coffee is enough for most people, but you haven’t experienced the full flavor until you’ve had it cold-brewed. Cold brewing is a lengthy process, requiring that you allow the coffee beans to soak for up to 24 hours, during which time the flavor is released into the water that “brews” it.

When you create your hot coffee, the water has just a few seconds to grab at the flavors, so you may be surprised by the boldness. To round out the taste, the creators of Wonder Fuel add just a dusting of cinnamon in each drink.

The only other ingredients in the Coffee drink are organic coconut milk and water, along with the seven grams of coconut oil MCTs.


Mocha provides you with the delicious chocolate flavor to complement your coffee. The superfood drink offers a total of seven grams of MCT oil, along the energy-boosting benefits that caffeine (90mg) provides.

The Mocha blend exclusively uses dark chocolate, which is known for the impressive effect it has on the toxins in your body. By flushing out these toxins while you indulge in your brew, it’s obvious why Wonder Fuel should be a part of your routine.

Contacting Wonder Fuel

Though any of these drinks would be a great addition to anyone’s routine, you may still have a few questions or comments for the customer service team. Wonder Fuel offers an online form that allows you to submit your inquiries electronically, or you can choose to send an email [email protected]

Wonder Fuel Review Summary

Wonder Fuel provides you with sustainable and natural energy that you can’t find easily with other companies. While you may think that your morning coffee can handle the job, there’s so many nutritional benefits that you’re missing out on by forgoing the coconut oil and other superfoods.

You deserve a drink that is going to perform as hard as you do, and that goal is only possible with Wonder Fuel.

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