Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida Review

Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida

Women who struggle with candida outbreaks will want to consider trying this holistic product aimed at reducing fungus and preventing candida flare ups.

By taking a few teaspoons per day, N-Fuzed helps treat the problem with the problem to reduce fungus within the body and prevent flare ups. Please read below to learn more about Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida.

What Is Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida?

Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida is an all-natural product aimed at helping people who suffer from candida reduce their body’s bacterial load and prevent flare ups. Many women suffer with candida without knowing what they can do to reduce their outbreaks. Harmonic Innerprizes has come up with this product that may help.

How Does Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida Work?

Operating on the philosophy of life treats life, by infusing water with the essence of Candida albicans, Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida works to support the body in removing Candida from the blood and soft tissues while improving colon health.

This product claims to work within the first three days of using it. Many reviews however seem a bit scary so caution is advised as well as further research prior to using.

Users should take one teaspoon three times per day in between meals. It works best if held in the mouth for roughly one minute before swallowing.

Harmonic Innerprizes recommends maintaining a candida free diet while taking this supplement. Additionally, any users who are pregnant, lactating, or are taking medications should consult their doctor prior to using N-Fuzed.

Available in two sizes, four ounces or eight ounces, a four ounce bottle contains twenty four doses.

Who Makes Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida?

Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida is part of the essence line manufactured by Harmonic Innerprizes. This health and wellness company is dedicated to offering consumers high quality products that will help them live a better life.

Whether people are looking for supplements to help support their mental well-being such as dealing with anger, resentment, or sadness or want to add better nutrition to their daily routine through herbs and food products Harmonic Innerprizes offers a wide range of selection.

As a company Harmonic Innerprizes is dedicated to offering products that help positively influence full body health including brain function and emotional health.

Over twenty years ago, Harmonic Innerprizes pioneered the science of monatomic elements that was discovered by David Hudson. This research led to further study of electromagnetics and how they affect the health and wellness of the human body.

With hopes to offer products that will help people balance their mental and physical health, Harmonic Innerprizes is located in Henderson, Nevada

Ingredients in Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida

Each one teaspoon serving of Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida contains a 130 mcg serving of a proprietary blend, containing the extract of black walnut hulls, Pau d’Arco extract, and vitamin C.

Black Walnut Hulls

Contains a chemical called juglone that fights bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus and has been used as part of folk medicine for decades. By adding this ingredient to the diet, consumers can help not only reduce their candida symptoms but can also help improve their brain health, heart health, and fight depression.

Pau d’Arco Extract

Sourced from an evergreen living throughout South America, Pau d’Arco extract can be used to treat a range of conditions.

Uses of Pau d’Arco tea have actually been dated back to 1873. This ingredient contains two active chemicals called naphthoquinones. These chemicals kill bacteria, fungus, bacteria, and parasites. Additionally, Pau d’Arco extract helps reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Vitamin C

Many people suffering with Candida do not realize the importance of vitamin C to help fight their symptoms. This vitamin support Candida symptoms in three ways. First it supports adrenal glands in regulating metabolism and blood sugar levels within the body.

Secondly, vitamin C helps boost the immune system helping the body be more effective at fighting off Candida yeast. In addition to these two qualities vitamin C also helps boost stomach acid reducing the likelihood of a Candida overgrowth.

Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida Pricing

Available for purchase online through the Harmonic Innerprizes website, Amazon, and iHerb.

Harmonic Innerprizes (www.harmonicinnerprizes.com)

Consumers can select between a four ounce bottle for $17.95 and an eight ounce bottle for $29.95. Harmonic Innerprizes offers free shipping on all purchases totaling over $75.00.


Amazon offers the four ounce bottle for $15.85. All orders of this product will ship for free with eligible purchases totaling $35.00 or more.


Each four ounce bottle is available for $15.26.

Should You Use Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida?

Women who have recurrent candida outbreaks may want to consider trying Harmonic Innerprizes n-fuzed Candida to help break the cycle. Many reviews online state that this product is very hard on the body so caution and further research is advised prior to using N-Fuzed.

Interested consumers can learn more about N-Fuzed by visiting the Harmonic Innerprizes website at www.harmonicinnerprizes.com.

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