Krazy Kronut Maker Review – Healthy Baking Sheet For Snacks & Treats?

Krazy Kronut Maker

It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle that balances a nutritional, micronutrient rich diet with regular physical exercise. The healthy lifestyle delivers a wide range of benefits, but it’s also important to indulge in the more decadent aspects of life occasionally.

Many fitness experts and professional athletes, who are some of the healthiest individuals in the world, regularly incorporate “cheat days” into their diet that allow them to indulge their tastebuds without imbalancing their dietary intake or health.

Clinical studies have shown that individuals that set aside a specific “cheat meal” or cheat day into their fitness and health regime are far more likely to succeed in reaching their weight loss goals than individuals that attempt to go “cold turkey” with unhealthy food.

Although cheat days may allow for the occasional indulgence, however, it’s important to retain a modicum of sensibility when choosing cheat foods.

Kronuts are one of the most popular baked goods in the United States, and although they are highly delicious, they’re often extremely rich in trans fats, sugars, and carbohydrates, making them a particularly unhealthy choice of food even for a cheat meal.

A new DIY kronut maker solution, however, is providing health-conscious consumers with the ability to create their own cheat day kronuts at home in the oven, which allows for the specific control of ingredients to ensure cheat day doesn’t go overboard.

In this article, we’ll check out the Krazy Kronut Maker and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right DIY kronut maker for your needs.

What is the Krazy Kronut Maker?

The Krazy Kronut Maker is a fun new baking accessory that makes it possible to create delicious and somewhat-healthier kronuts in the comfort of your own home. Complete with a set of tools that makes it possible to create stuffed, filled, and iced kronuts, Krazy Kronuts can be packed with jelly, chocolate, cream, or custard for a delicious occasional indulgence.

As the Krazy Kronut Maker makes it possible to select the ingredients that go into the kronuts, which, while still not the healthiest meal choice in the world, allows for portion control and macronutrient balance, presenting a healthier choice than store-bought kronuts.

The Krazy Kronut Maker can also be used to make delicious savory snacks that incorporate healthier ingredients, such as bacon cheddar bites or matcha and cinnamon kronuts.

The Krazy Kronut Maker also comes with two recipe guides that detail a range of delicious and indulgent kronut recipes.

How the Krazy Kronut Maker Works

Using the Krazy Kronut Maker is as easy as placing the kronut mix in the Krazy Kronut Maker tray, adding the filling with the Krazy Kronut Maker filling sticks, and baking. The innovative ventilated design of the Krazy Kronut Maker ensures even 360 degree baking, and the filling stick system makes it easy to create deep pockets in each kronut.

Krazy Kronut Maker Review Summary

The Krazy Kronut Maker set ships with five fill sticks, the Krazy Kronut Filler guide and the Krazy Kronut recipe guide, and the Krazy Kronut Maker itself. Krazy Kronut are also offering a two-for-one offer that provides two Krazy Kronut Makers for just $19.99 USD, with only shipping handling to pay on top.

The Krazy Kronut Maker is also covered by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, making it a risk-free way to create unique and interesting kronuts as a delicious occasional treat.

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