Ofra X NikkieTutorials Review – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick Cosmetics?

Ofra X NikkieTutorials

Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection is a set of different lip colors, plus a highlighter, that can bring out the boldness of your beauty.

All the shades are inspired by NikkieTutorials, which is a YouTube channel that demonstrates various makeup tutorials.

What Is The Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection?

Looking your best involves finding the cosmetics that help you express your inner self. Everyone has their idea of how they want to look at the end of their makeup routine, depending on their color preferences and the occasion.

Most people have a version of what “natural” will look like, using minimal eye shadow, and subtle lip color. However, there are nights when you want to let your wild side out with a bold color, and that’s when the Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection can help.

OFRA Cosmetics has collaborated with Nikkie to develop a line of lipsticks and a couple of other products that are inspired by her online tutorials. Nikkie has gained impressive popularity for her videos that show the ways that makeup can help you change your complexion.

Her videos demonstrate the right way to contour your cheekbones, and how to complement your look with a lip color.

All the products in this collection have been created with Nikkie herself. Even the highlighter is made for any complexion, which makes it easy to add a little elegant dewiness to your face.

While you can still use other products to follow along with Nikkie’s demonstration, nothing will give you quite the appearance that OFRA can offer.

What’s Included

When you purchase the NikkieTutorials collection from OFRA, you will gain access to many different colors that you can use to complement your appearance. Since Nikkie’s YouTube channel focuses on bold colors, you’ll end up seeing similar shades within the collection.

The first shade you will get is called “Nude Potion.” The liquid lipstick gives you a subtle hue that is still rich, highlighting the natural pink coloring in your lips. If you were to purchase the lip color on its own, your cost would be $19.90.

Next, you get to enjoy the benefits of Coven. Coven is the polar opposite of Nude Potion. Instead of creating a motif with a light pink touch, Coven gives you a metallic brown hue, which is still neutral but bold. If you want to make Coven into a part of your cosmetics for the day, the cost is $19.90.

Spell helps to create a bright appearance, with neon coral pin adorning your line. The subtle sheen on the liquid lipstick. You can add this color to your repertoire of products by paying a total of $19.90.

Everglow shies away from the lip colors, and gives you the option of highlighting your complexion instead. A highlighter is meant to bring subtle attention to the natural curvature of your facial structure.

You end up with a natural shimmer, which can improve your welcoming appearance with just enough reflection. If purchased separately, Everglow is available or $35.00.

Pricing For Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection

Even though all the different components to the NikkieTutorials collection are available individually, you can save on your purchase by ordering them all together for $79.00.

With most purchases with OFRA Cosmetics, you have up to 30 days to initiate a refund. You will need to return all the products to get the full reimbursement.

However, the collection is a product that will not become a permanent fixture in the inventory of OFRA, so your purchase is not covered by the return policy.

Contacting The Creators Of The Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection

Both OFRA Cosmetics and NikkieTutorials play a role in creating the collection, so you will need to refer to the customer service team to determine the answer to any questions you may have. The team is presently reachable through phone or email.

The fastest way to get a hold of someone is by calling the local (954-978-6688) or toll-free (877-652-9888). The company is available for calls from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

If you’re unable to reach the team, you can also send an email to [email protected]

Ofra X NikkieTutorials Summary

Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection is a great set for anyone that wants to expand their comfort levels with their routine.

You may have been wearing the same makeup style for years, and choosing a bold color is a great way to evolve and grow. Most of the time, you must search through aisles and aisles at the store to get different bold colors, and the cost can be overwhelming.

When you purchase the collection, you get three different lip colors, which gives you the easiest way to transition from daytime to evening makeup.

With the highlighter added as well, you can look refreshed and radiant at all times. If you want to see if Ofra X NikkieTutorials Collection has something for you, make a purchase today.

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