Simple Sugars Body Scrubs Review

Simple Sugars Body Scrubs

The skin is the most exposed organ of the body as well as the most vulnerable. Throughout the day the epidermal surface gets exposed to a lot of harmful substances present in the air and the rest of one’s surroundings. Pollutants, toxins, and bacteria are directly absorbed by the epidermis causing negative effects on skin’s health and appearance.

Therefore it is essential to thoroughly cleanse the skin day and night in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt and preserve the epidermal surface from damage. Quality skincare products provide the skin with essential nutrients that increase epidermal resistance and help prevent damage from external factors such as free radicals.

However, most products that can be found on the market are often only suitable for a certain type of skin which can make it difficult for consumers with sensitive skin to find the right cosmeceutical solution that works for them. In fact, a lot of beauty products contain harsh ingredients that can cause rashes, irritation, redness, and inflammation in delicate skin.

About Simple Sugars Body Scrubs

Simple Sugars Body Scrubs is a cosmetic brand that has been specifically created in order to provide men and women with sensitive skin with quality, efficient, and gentle skincare solutions. The story behind the creation of the revolutionary company is a heartwarming one, as Lani Lazzari’s business was born during Christmas season.

In December 2005 the founder’s family had decided to make homemade gifts to each other. Due to the fact that Lani Lazzari had always suffered from a sensitive skin and found it very difficult to find cosmetic products suitable for her epidermis, she decided to create all-natural products for her family and friends. The handmade presents had such a success that the inventive woman decided to launch her own brand.

Simple Sugars is committed to revolutionize the beauty market and provide an easy access for individuals with delicate skin to high-quality cosmetic products. Furthermore, the company puts value in providing good customer service, being sustainable, and creating an environment that is both nice to work for and buy from.

Simple Sugars Body Scrubs Collection

One of Simple Sugars Body Scrubs most popular line of products is the brand’s range of Scrubs. Due to the fact, that scrubbing products can be harsh on sensitive epidermal surface, the Simple Sugars lines of Facial, Foot, and Body Scrubs has encountered a lot of success as they have been formulated in order to efficiently cater to the needs of individuals with delicate skin.

The Body Scrub range contains a large number of powerful scrubbing solutions that have been formulated with all-natural ingredients. These products effectively cleanse the skin from dirt, pollutant, chemicals, and toxins and promote a clear epidermal surface. Simple Sugars Body Scrub line is nutritious that users don’t need to put additional lotions on their skin.

Some of the signature products included in the revolutionary Simple Sugars Body Scrubs line include solutions such as the Almond Body Scrub, the Essence Body Scrub, the Coffee Body Scrub, and the Coconut Body Scrub. The Simple Sugar creams come in a variety of scent in order to provide a satisfying solution for every taste.

  • Almond Body Scrub is a scrub that is going to not only cleanse the epidermal surface but also deeply nourish it with the beneficial properties of Almonds. Almonds have been proven to effectively moisturize and firm the skin leaving it smooth and soft. The main advantage of this body scrub is that it can be used daily.
  • Essence Body Scrub is an unscented product for those who like to keep it simple or who do not only have delicate skin but also a sensitive olfactory sense. This product is the most gentle solution of the range using all-natural ingredients and is suitable for any skin type even the most vulnerable one.
  • Coffee Body Scrub is a fun and powerful solution that has been formulated for coffee enthusiasts as the caffeine content promotes a firm epidermis. Rich in antioxidants, this body scrub has powerful protective effects and prevents the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Coconut Body Scrub is composed of real coconut, coconut powder, and a blend of natural oils. This tropical scented skincare solution promotes a hydrated, smooth, clear, and healthy skin.

Simple Sugars Body Scrubs Availability and Price Range

Simple Sugars Body Scrubs range is a line of healthy, efficient, and all natural body scrubs suitable for sensitive skin and promoting a clear, soft, and healthy looking epidermal surface.

The products presented in this article and many others can be ordered online from the Simple Sugars website. If interested, potential clients will also find a selection of body scrubs containing Emu oil and original alternatives such as Eucalyptus and Green Tea Body Scrub. The price for these all natural cosmeceutical products ranges from $14 USD to $18 USD.

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