Omiganan Review – Healthy Medicinal Uses, Benefits & Side Effects Guide?


What Is Omiganan?

Omiganan can be defined as a cationic peptide which has a broad antimicrobial spectrum that is inclusive of yeast. It is mainly used for the treatment and control of dermatological diseases. It belongs to the class of antimicrobial/antibacterial cationic peptides. Omiganan has a mechanism of action that involves it being a permeability enhancer for the cell membrane.

Its molecular weight is 1961.44978 g/mol and it has a molecular formula of C90H132Cl5N27O12. The generic name is Omiganan pentahydrochloride. It is basically an antibiotic that has successfully managed to obtain market approval. It is specifically used as a topical antibiotic. It is considered to be on the frontline of the clinical applications involving antimicrobial peptides.

What Is It Used For?

Omiganan has several medicinal uses as outlined below:

  • It is used for the management and treatment of acne. This is because cationic antimicrobial peptides like Omiganan exhibit powerful antimicrobial activity that addresses clinically relevant microorganisms that include Propionibacterium acnes.
  • Such properties are what make Omiganan an attractive drug candidate for treating acne vulgaris. The disease has both inflammatory and bacterial components that need to be addressed.
  • It is used in the effective prevention and treatment of catheter-associated infections.
  • It is used to prevent any kind of nosocomial infections that might attack the human body.
  • It is being used in the development for the treatment of inflammatory pustules papules that are associated with rosacea.

Benefits of Omiganan

The benefits associated with the use of Omiganan include the ones listed below:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that are applied in some commercial drugs in the market today.
  • It is properly designed to provide consumers with a cosmetic appearance that is characterized by minimal irritation.
  • It has a very rapid onset of action.
  • Omiganan is active against each and every isolated Gram-positive pathogen that is known for producing infections which are catheter-associated i.e. staphylococci.
  • It has systemic absorption that is completely non-detectable.

Side Effects of Omiganan

The side effects that are related to the use of Omiganan are minimal due to a number of reasons which include the following:

  • It has a very rapid onset of action in the human body.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.
  • It has a non-detectable systemic absorption that is very favorable.

The above properties and fast action can almost guarantee consumers that Omiganan will not exhibit any undesirable side effects on their bodies.

Is Omiganan Safe?

Omiganan has a safety profile that is favorable according to the conducted clinical trials. Omiganan is, therefore, highly recommended for human consumption. The lack of side effects associated with its use functions to second its safety.

Omiganan Summary Review

Omiganan is an effective antimicrobial peptide that is designed for topical use so as to decrease bacterially induced acne lesions and prevent bloodstream infections that are catheter-related.

Therefore, it has very high clinical importance. It is safe to say that Omiganan has the potential of becoming the pioneer of a new antibiotic generation and ultimately ending the problem of multi-resistance.

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