3INA UV Makeup Collection Review

3INA UV Makeup Collection

Makeup is a form of art, as its different mediums and textures have the ability to enhance one’s facial features. Whether one wants to enlarge one’s eyes, or contour one’s jawlines, the right makeup tool will make it all happen. How else can one improve upon the makeup? Isn’t it already efficient as it is?

To 3INA, the answer is no.

The 3INA is a cosmetics brand that has redefined makeup and art with their new 3INA UV Collection. Consumers can now apply makeup and watch it lighten up at night.

To better understand the scope of this line of products, this review will analyze the 3INA UV Makeup Collection in terms of its purpose, about the brand, the different products available and the different price ranges.

What Is The 3INA UV Makeup Collection?

The 3INA UV Makeup Collection is a line of cosmetic products that are fluorescent. In other words, it has the ability to illuminate in darker regions. This is definitely a new trend that has been experienced by the cosmetics industry, as many consumers are quite amused by it.

Whether one is at a late night party, clubbing, or simply stargazing, the glowing effect is certain to take over. Let’s take a quick look at the makings behind 3INA.

About 3INA

3INA is a skincare and cosmetics brand that works to enhance one’s facial features through different mediums. Their choice of colors and textures for their products allows one to freely express one’s personality and attitude.

Some of the different product categories consist of eyes, lips, face, nails, accessories and skincare products, all of which tackles the major features of one’s face. Quality is one thing that consumers no longer need to compromise, as each and every 3INA product has been manufactured in Europe.

What Types Of Products Does 3INA UV Makeup Collection Offer?

The following is a breakdown of the 3INA UV Makeup Collection:

  • The Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow: This long lasting, easily applicable Eyeshadow comes in fluorescent yellow, orange or pink, which ultimately gives off an neon effect.
  • The Fluoro Eye Pencil: This eye pencil contains a smudge-proof property and comes in the color of black, but under the light, it gives off a neon blue color.
  • The Fluoro Lip Gloss: This respective lip-gloss is vinyl shine, non-stick and provides a glassy finish. It contains moisturizing oils to ensure that one’s lips are hydrated for a longer period of time. Like the Eyeshadow, this product comes in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink.
  • The Fluoro Nail Polish: This long lasting and shine-providing nail polish currently comes in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink.
  • Other products include the Fluoro Palette & the Fluoro Top Coat

How Much Do 3INA UV Makeup Collection Cost?

The prices of the products found within the 3INA UV Collection range from £6.95 to £13.95. This may seem rather expensive, but consumers need to keep in mind that this collection provides a dual purpose.

Not only does it work to enhance one’s features, it also takes a fun play on the glow-in-the-dark effects. When that is taken into consideration, the prices are definitely fair.

3INA UV Makeup Collection Review Summary

Overall, the 3INA UV Makeup Collection is a worthwhile investment, as consumers can have a different type of fun with their cosmetics.

While the UV Collection focuses on the fluorescent aspect, 3INA did not fail to ensure that the products itself are safe to wear. For instance, the lip-gloss keeps one’s lips moisturized and the eye pencil ensures that one does not experience any types of smudges.

In other words, 3INA UV Collection has considered the many concerns many may face with makeup, while playing around with its colors. For a fun, expressive and enjoyable experience with makeup, go to: https://hello.3ina.com/the-uv-collection.

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