Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar Review

Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar

Neocell Collagen Cookie Bars are protein health bars designed to help increase the elasticity of your skin. They are said to help reduce the effects of aging and wrinkles. And Neocell claims to have some of the best tasting bars available on the market to date.

What are Neocell Collagen Cookie Bars?

The bars are 100% all natural health supplement bars designed to help eliminate wrinkles and reduce the effects age has on the skin. Collagen, naturally occurs in the body and helps to hold the skin in place. It works as a type of elastic anchor, fighting things like wrinkles, crow’s feet and cellulite.

The collagen in Neocell is certified organic and comes from 100% grass fed animals. It is also Non-GMO and safe for people who follow the strictly regimented Paleo diet. They claim that by consuming Neocell bars, a person will notice drastic changes in their skins ability to bounce back from age and stay smooth.

What Flavors do Neocell Collagen Bars Come in?

The Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar come in two very different and distinct flavors. According to the people at Neocell, they are said to be among some of the most delicious bars available on the market to date. The two flavors offered by the Neocell Corporation are as follows:

  • Coconut Chocolate Chunk – a blend of coconut flakes and dark chocolate, mixed with protein and collagen said to help your skin stay healthy.
  • Peanut Butter Crunch – A blend of peanut butter, peanuts and collagen designed to help your skin combat the effects of old age through the consumption of all natural collagen.

How Do These Bars Work?

The bars work by giving your body essential collagens needed to help skin stay tight healthy. They claim that Neocell bars are real food that will help you stay healthy and focused.

They created the flavors to be completely indulgent, without containing all the unwanted ingredients you find in other bars of their type. They are also mixed and made to be 100% Gluten Free.

The bars also contain the same amino acids found in bone broth, made from grass fed cows. They are said to be the building blocks of the joints, bones, skin and more. They also help to promote healthy levels of steady energy without any type of crash.

Ingredients in the bars are minimally processed and even when they are it is done so in a delicate manner to preserve the rich, vital nutrients found within each Neocell Colagen Bar.

They are created at a low temperature which also helps to keep the bars flavors as natural and wholesome as possible. Basically, the way they put it is that they make the bars so you can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from every bite.

Each bar weighs 1.58 ounces or 45 grams. So, they are ideal for people dieting looking for healthy snacks of potential, low calorie high nutrient containing meal replacements. Each bar only contains 3 grams of sugar, yet has 12 grams of protein. They contain the building blocks for your body to help restore and rejuvenate everything from skin to bone and joint tissue.

What Ingredients Are in Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar?

The ingredients found within the bars are 100% all natural ingredients, derived strictly from purely grass fed cows. The mixture for the bars has been scientifically formulated to make the bars some of the most nutritious, health supplement bars on the market to date.

Apparently Neocell believes in helping people live, healthy active lifestyles that are free from harmful preservatives or un-natural food additives. Neocell seems to be a legitimate business that cares about the product it produces and the people who consume their bars.

After further research, it would seem that these collagen bars are a newly emerging health food. And Neocell seems to be at the top of the list as far as quality and reviews go.

What are the Pros and Cons of Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar?

The bars are brand new, so finding reviews was not possible. But from looking at the website and other competition these bars seem spot on. It’s likely you won’t find better collage containing bars anywhere on the market.

Neocell is probably going to be releasing several more flavors and variants in the future. Below are the Pros and Cons of the bars:


  • Non GMO
  • Bars are 100% all natural
  • Paleo Diet Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Said to help tighten skin and help create a more youthful appearance


  • No reviews can be found
  • No studies back their claims as of date

The Bottom Line On Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar

If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your skin, tighten it or reduce the effects of wrinkles/aging then Neocell Collagen Cookie Bar are likely going to be something you’ll love.

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