Sudz & Scrubz Review – Fresh Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars & Sugar Scrubs?

Sudz & Scrubz

Going to a spa is a once in a while opportunity for many who are in dire need of relaxation of the mind, body, and soul, all of which make up one’s overall health.

It allows one to take time to themselves to ultimately achieve a sense of peace while putting their day-to-day lives on hold. This being said, the main concern many experience with spas is the fact that it is a luxury.

The Sudz and Scrubz turn this luxurious experience to one that is of a necessity at an affordable cost. Most importantly, one can finally take the spa experience right at home. Every Sudz and Scrubz product uses natural ingredients that are known to relieve body pain and muscle soreness while cleansing one’s body and mind.

This review will analyze the Sudz and Scrubz in terms of its purpose, the different products offered, its features and its current going price.

What is Sudz & Scrubz?

Sudz & Scrubz is a brand that specializes in providing consumers with a spa like experience in the comfort of one’s home. All of their products work to pamper and relax consumers while leaving them feeling and smelling pleasant.

Ultimately, consumers have the opportunity to enhance one’s overall health without having to pay a truckload of money. Let’s take a look at the versatile list of products offered by this respective brand.

What Types of Products do Sudz & Scrubz Offer?

Sudz & Scrubz is known for its versatility, as they offer consumers a wide range of products. Their products consist of bath bombs, bubble bars, scrubs, soaps, masks, shower streamers, lotion, lip balm, products suitable for kids and other gift sets.

The following list is an in depth analysis of some of the products offered by Sudz and Scrubz:

Eucalyptus Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are sphere-like and dissolve in water quickly. Each bath bomb serves different purposes to ensure maximized health.

This respective type of bathbomb works to clear out one’s sinus, while relieving one’s headache and ensuring that one feels refreshed. In addition to healing one, this bath bomb contains a soothing vanilla aroma that has the ability to relieve one’s mind.

Fizzy Bubbly Dye & Scent Free Bubble Bar

This respective product is suitable for those who prefer a non-scented bubble bath. Some of its ingredients include liquid glycerin, castor oil, baking soda, cream of tartar, cornstarch, tapioca powder, and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate and fragrance oil.

Once placed right underneath running water, consumers can relax by watching the water form bubbles and change into different colors.

Foaming Blueberry Blast Sugar Whip

This product works to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate one’s skin. A little quantity goes a long way, literally, as consumers are provided with a product that hydrates one’s skin throughout the day.

Vanilla Lip Scrub

This product works to rejuvenate, protect and refresh one’s lips. Consumers need to rub the Vanilla Lip Scrub onto their lips. After having done so, one can either eat it or wash it off, as it contains nourishing virgin coconut oil.

It is clear that consumers are offered high quality products that work to maximize one’s overall health. Whether it is to ease one’s bodily pains, dried and chapped lips, or for those in dire need to hydrate one’s skin, the Sudz & Scrubz carry the right solution. Let’s take a quick look at what differentiates Sudz & Scrubz from its competitors.

Features of the Sudz & Scrubz

Sudz and Scrubz’ products are different compared to its competitors as they:

  • Contain natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, Epson salt, aloe vera, almond oil and many more
  • Serve multiple purposes, from healing one’s body to treating one’s cold or fever
  • Are vegan friendly for the most part
  • Contain essential oils

Average Price of Sudz & Scrubz

The following is a breakdown of prices consumers can expect for each category of products offered by Sudz & Scrubz:

  • Bath bombs: Individual bath bombs cost anywhere between $4 and $5
  • Bubble bars: Individual Bubble Bars cost anywhere between $5 and $7
  • Scrubs: Scrubs can cost consumers between $12 and $13
  • Soaps: Soaps cost approximately $7
  • Masks: Masks will cost consumers about $10
  • Shower streamers: Shower streamers are offered at a cost of $5
  • Lotion: Lotions can cost anywhere between $10 and $12
  • Lip balm: Lip balms can cost anywhere between $2 and $5 depending on format
  • Gift sets: Gift sets can cost as low as $10 and can exceed $40

Sudz & Scrubz Review Summary

Overall, the Sudz & Scrubz is a brand that provides consumers with high quality, multipurpose and affordable products. Their use of natural ingredients has the ability to enhance one’s skin, mental and physical health.

Whether one needs to relax their muscles, are in need of a pleasing aroma or who simply want to create a spa-like atmosphere at home can now do so with the Sudz and Scrubz products. Taking care of oneself no longer needs to be a bore nor does it need to be expensive, as one can watch the waters foam up and turn different colors under a budget.

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