AbCoaster Max Deluxe Review – Neck, Back & Abdominal Fitness Machine?

AbCoaster Max Deluxe

Men and women who are looking for an easy to use piece of workout equipment designed to sculpt, tone, and strengthen abdominal muscles will love the AbCoaster Max Deluxe.

This name is synonymous with high quality ab machines and this newest product offers the same high quality workout at a reasonable price. Please read below to learn more about the AbCoaster Max Deluxe and how to purchase.

What Is The AbCoaster Max Deluxe?

The newest product offered in the Abcoaster line, the AbCoaster Max Deluxe offers a way for consumers to sculpt and tone their abdominal region in a fun, innovative way.

By adding extra weights below the seat this machine will help people naturally become stronger and develop rock hard abs. Users of any fitness level can benefit by using this device.

How Does the AbCoaster Max Deluxe Work?

Utilizing the user’s body weight, this workout machine is simply designed yet effective. Users simply sit on the padded seat and pull up in an arching motion. This movement targets the abdominal muscles specifically leading to a sculpted and toned ab core.

Users can add up to twenty pounds of resistance with the included free weights that mount at the base below the seat.

Both beginners and seasoned athletes will find that the AbCoaster Max Deluxe is not only effective at toning abs but it is also fun to use.


Built to accommodate users up to three hundred pounds the Abcoaster Max is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. The padded forearm rests and grips offer users a safe way to maintain a firm hold without causing slippage or injury.

The additional weights make it easy for people to increase their workout intensity or challenge level. The Abcoaster Max can accommodate up to twenty pounds of added weight and these weights come with this purchase.

Pricing For the AbCoaster Max Deluxe

Available for purchase online through both Amazon and Walmart, each Abcoaster Max is available for $219.00 and ships for free through Amazon.

The lowest available price is through Wal Mart where each Abcoaster Max is available for $156.93. Unfortunately it is currently out of stock and it is unclear when it will be restocked.

Consumers may recognize this piece of equipment from television advertising.

Should You Use the AbCoaster Max Deluxe?

The muscles of the abdominal region are difficult to tone and strengthen and sit-ups alone just will not give people the results they so desperately want. The AbCoaster Max Deluxe makes working out fun while delivering intense, targeted exercise to the ab region leading to stronger, more sculpted abs.

There are YouTube videos showing this device in action which can help consumers see if it is the right device for their specific workout needs.

Buy AbCoaster Max Deluxe Review – Neck, Back & Abdominal Fitness Machine?

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