Abs After Baby Review – How To Get A Flat Abdominal Stomach After Birth?

Abs After Baby

Abs After Baby is a workout program that targets the muscles that most women have to reshape after they have been pregnant. The regimen is offered online immediately after making a payment, so consumers can start working out in the same day.

What Is Abs After Baby?

While having a new child in the home is a blessing, the body that women have after their pregnancy finishes is not the most appealing. After carrying a growing child in their abdomen for the last nine months, their body has been stretched to a level that it does not experience in any other circumstance.

Most women are left with extra fat and sagging skin that makes them feel self-conscious, even though the process is natural. Luckily, the Abs After Baby program helps women to get in shape, and feel good about their body once again.

The Abs After Baby regimen is specifically designed for women that have endured the process of pregnancy, and struggle to get rid of baby fat. Most workout regimens do not cater to this demographic, which is why it is more important than ever to use this regimen that understands the stress that the muscles have endured.

Since most new mothers have their hands full with the care of their newborn, the creators of this regimen do not require much time from their schedule. With how easy Abs After Baby is, any mom can reclaim their pre-baby body in no time.

This program was made by a new mom and her doctor when she saw that her baby weight came off, but her stomach did not look the same. After assessments and testing, the doctor determined that the excess “fat” around her midsection was not actually weight from the pregnancy. Instead, her new shape was just a symptom of Diastasis Recti.

What Is Diastasis Recti?

When women progress through her pregnancy, up to 60% of them will experience a condition called Diastasis Recti. This condition essentially means that the muscles thin out and split around the growing fetus to make room in the body. When the woman is no longer pregnant, this change in their muscles is often the culprit for the dreaded “mom pooch” below her belly button.

The Abs After Baby program helps to rekindle the strength of the muscles while preventing the participant from injuring themselves in the process. However, consumers need to follow every step of the regimen precisely for it to be effective.

What’s The Abs After Baby Commitment?

As said above, the women who suffer with their baby weight are busy, and they do not have time to spend the day exercising and preparing elaborate meals. With this issue, the entire regimen does not require a significant amount of time.

The exercises take about 30 minutes, which is less than the amount of time that most babies take a nap. If the user had to get a C-section for the birth of their child, the best approach is to start within 6 weeks of birth.

All the workouts are performed at home, which means that moms do not have to worry about trusting a babysitter with their newborn for the duration of their routine. Since the muscles remain the same for such a long time after having a child, anyone who has ever had a child can do this program and loose the “mom belly” effectively.

Pricing For Abs After Baby

If someone wants to start reshaping their body with the use of Abs After Baby, the total cost will depend on which one of the three programs that applies to the consumer’s circumstance.

The first regimen is the AAB 12-Week program. This regimen is available for $29.99, and it can be performed at any point after the pregnancy ends. There is no equipment, and the electronic package includes:

  • 150 pages of details regarding the program
  • 12 weeks of exercises
  • 21-minute workouts
  • A self-test for diastasis recti
  • A printable calendar for workouts
  • A chart for progress
  • A glossary of the exercises

The First Six Weeks is the next regimen offered, and it is meant for consumers that have just finished the 6-week healing time imposed by their doctor before exercising. The regimen helps C-section moms as well, since the separation requires special attention. For $9.99, the program includes:

  • 30 pages of exercises
  • Daily tips on dealing with the postpartum physique and stress
  • An exercise calendar
  • A glossary of the exercises

The third program – the Prenatal Program – has not yet been published for consumers, but it will be available for $19.99. The regimen helps to prepare and protect the body from the damage to the muscles during pregnancy.

There is no return policy for any of these materials, but everything will be sent electronically to the user to start participation right away.

Contacting The Creators Of Abs After Baby

Even though the website offers beneficial information to decide if the regimen is right for the consumer, there’s always other questions. Once the potential participant checks the FAQ page, and finds that their issue is not addressed, then they can contact the customer service team by filling out the online form at https://abs-after-baby.com/contact/.

Some women want to speak directly with an agent. If that is the case, there is both a phone number (770-890-5282) and an email address ([email protected]) that consumers can use.

Abs After Baby Review Summary

Abs After Baby helps any mom that wants to slim down and look her best. At affordable prices, there is no need to pay for a gym membership or even a baby sitter. Take the time to invest in yourself to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Even though these workouts have been cleared as safe for women after pregnancy, anyone with concerns should speak with their doctor before beginning the Abs After Baby program.

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