Accelerade Review – Pacific Health Labs Hydrating Protein Sports Drink?


Dehydration is a common phenomenon that a lot of people (especially athletes and sportspersons) have to deal with regularly. From a biological point of view we can see that when levels of key salts and water within our bodies drop. We can start to experience issues such as loss of strength and stamina.

Technically speaking dehydration can be alleviated by simply drinking water. However, some of the key minerals and salts that we lose through sweating can often not be replaced by water alone. Chronic loss of key salts can affect our kidney function and increase the risk of kidney stones. Some recent evidence also says that it may lead to muscle damage and constipation.

About Accelerade

Accelerade is an ‘energy drink’ that was first introduced to the market in 2001. It was the first sports drink in the commercial sector that featured a patented 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. This compositional aspect in itself set it apart form carb-only sports drinks and water.

Over the years, through the use of cutting edge research and peer-reviewed scientific studies, Accelerade has changed the perception of sports drinks by incorporating healthy doses of proteins and amino compounds.

What Makes Accelerade Different?

Before we answer that question. We should look at what makes regular isotonic sports drinks inferior to Accelerate. Numerous scientific studies have long established that the addition of carbohydrates to isotonic (electrolyte only) sports drinks activates a transport system that allows more water to be absorbed by the body.

Accelerade corrects that and aims to deliver key nutrients like sodium and iron via an all new protein transport system. Not only is this delivery system fast acting, it is also able to deliver many benefits within a short span of time.

Key Benefits of Drinking Accelerade

  • Composition: each serving of this potent energy drink helps deliver 4 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. These compounds aid in both hydration and fueling our system.
  • Scientifically Verified: according to multiple independent studies, it has been found that athletes consuming protein & carbs perform better in high intensity workouts than when they are consuming isotonic-only drinks.
  • Flavour Options: to deliver on taste, the drink has been made available in 5 great tasting flavors.Options include Fruit Punch, Orange, Lemon Lime, Mountain Berry and Lemonade.

Is There Any Scientific Backing to All This?

Accelerade has been the subject of many research studies done in the recent past. Infact researchers at James Madison University have recently shown that cyclists that use Accelerade, compared to a conventional sports drink, increased their endurance by 29%, decreased muscle damage by 83% and even increased endurance in a subsequent workout performed almost 24 hours later by 40%.

What Are People Saying About Accelerade?

Based upon many reviews online, the supplement has received good feedback from its customers. Satisfied individuals include Daniel F who says ‘I am a professional swimmer and I have always loved the pacific health lab line of products since a friend of mine introduced me to them back in college.

I feel the difference when I fuel my body with them and couldn’t imagine myself training to full potential without them.’ Similarly, Bessie T says ‘This is my go-to sports drink. I need the calories for my training, especially on long training rides. Since there is also protein, I know it is helping me with my muscle breakdown repair and growth.

I was drinking fruit punch flavor before, but I prefer this Mountain Berry flavor instead!’. Lastly, Rolando Garcia says ‘ I am 45 years old right now and feel better than I did when I was younger. I have tried Lemon Lime, Tangy Orange but my favorite is Fruit Punch. I just wish they had this when I was younger.’

Where Can I Buy Accelerade For Myself?

A container of 30 servings is priced at $26.99 and a 60 serve unit is priced at $43.00. As mentioned earlier, there are five flavours to choose from. All orders can be placed on the manufacturer’s official web page.

Also, there is free shipping on all orders within the United States. Payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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