Activ5 Deluxe Package Review – ActivBody’s Smart App & Fitness Gear?

Activ5 Deluxe Package

The Activ5 Deluxe Package is a new way to work out that helps consumers build leaner muscle and increase their body’s flexibility in short fifteen minute guided workout routines.

When practiced daily for six weeks, consumers will see a drastic improvement in their body’s strength. This system works when consumers use the equipment with the companion smartphone app.

By following the app’s guidance consumers will easily be able to work out without having all the guesswork that goes into home fitness routines. Please read below to learn more about the Activ5 Deluxe Package and how to order a set.

What is the Activ5 Deluxe Package?

Activ5 has developed an innovative workout program that is based around isometric strength training.

This device works alongside a companion app to help users get the most out of short workouts utilizing a foam roller and fit grip hand and wrist strengthener.

Users of this program have reported increased strength by over thirty percent within the first six weeks simply by following the workout for fifteen minutes per day.

The Activ5 Deluxe package gives consumers everything they need to easily fit a good quality workout into everyday to help make their body stronger and healthier.

This system tracks the body’s movement in any position and by tracking progress through the app uses can see their growth with every workout.

How Does the Activ5 System Work?

Quick and easy to use, this workout program is a great option for men and women of any age and especially people who find it hard to squeeze in a good quality work out on a daily basis.

Users can customize the companion app to make sure the workouts provided suit their physical ability and fitness level.

This customization makes this workout system suitable for seniors. This system can easily be done anywhere the mat can be set up which means work lunch breaks or between classes at college are both suitable options for busy people.

On busy days users can choose to follow a shorter work out of five minutes instead of fifteen. The Bluetooth foam roller operates with one AAA battery.

Activ5 Components

Each Deluxe Package includes a Bluetooth foam roller, exercise mat, sports bottle, fit grip, stand, and Towel.

This package is designed to work when used alongside the companion smartphone app developed by Activ5.

Foam rollers are great tools for helping give each muscle a deep massage promoting tissue growth which leads to improved muscle strength and flexibility. Many of the exercises involved will need the mat for extra grip and protection.

The fit grip helps improve users overall grip strength. The rest of the package includes items that help make working out easier and more comfortable.

Activ5 Deluxe Package Pricing

The Activ5 Deluxe Package can be purchased online through Amazon or the Activ5 website, the price is the same by Activ5 offers payment plan.


Each deluxe package includes foam roller, exercise mat, sports bottle, fit grip, mobile stand, and towel for $159.90 and ships for free. This product can only be shipped within the United States.


Each set includes exercise mat, sport bottle, foam roller, and fit grip plus three free accessories including a stand, guide, and towel.

The deluxe package costs $159.90 and Activ5 offers the option for consumers to make two payments or a one-time payment. All purchases of this system come with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Activ5 Deluxe Package Review Summary

Consumers who are looking for an easy to use fitness system that helps improve their body’s strength and flexibility will want to consider trying the Activ5 Deluxe Package. What makes this product really innovative and easy to use is the companion app.

By using the app to help guide each individual exercise, users will feel confident in their exercise routine and see results quickly.

The app also tracks progress making it easy for people to see how much stronger and flexible their body has become with each workout.

The Activ5 Deluxe package was just released for sale in March 2017, as it has been on the market longer consumers will be able to access further information online including product reviews.

Interested consumers can see further product details on the Activ5 website at

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