Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein Review

Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein

There are a variety of reasons that people turn to protein powders as part of their daily routines. This may include being a meal replacement for people on the go or alternatively for weight loss and portion control. Protein powders and supplements might be added for added muscle recovery or as a source of receiving overall better nutrients in their bodies.

The Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein was developed by doctors, to support muscle growth and maintenance, repair any damaged tissues, a means of boosting the immune system and bone health and lastly, contains three (3) billion probiotics.

In addition, consumers of this coconut daily protein, can expect sprouted ancient grains to support with weight management.

Often, one of the most common complaints about protein powders are their taste. When it comes to this product, the only problem about the taste is you will want to have more and more of it! It is flavored with coconut – which who doesn’t love coconut?!

And, is complete with Omega-3, prebiotics and digestive enzymes. This protein powder doesn’t only taste great, it is great for you. With the addition of the digestive enzymes, this will help promote faster and more efficient protein absorption.

Key Ingredients in Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein

Without stating the obvious, coconut and coconut shavings are key components to the ingredients flavor in this protein powder. In addition to coconut flavor you will experience vanilla too.

The protein, is derived from quinoa and pea protein, sacha inchi protein and protease. The other ingredients are where Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein begins to rise above the rest. You can expect things like:

  • Amaranth
  • Bromelain
  • Inulin
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Thaumatin

Each of these ingredients, offer health benefits you do not commonly see among other protein powders. You have immune boosting properties that are ideal for anyone! With the focus on bone health and muscle growth and recovery, this protein encompasses so much more than simply weight management. Truly, a health and wellness product.

What Are Others Saying About Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein?

The website for Coconut Daily Protein boasts a number of five (5) star reviews. Many of which are people who have used other proteins in past, and have since switched to this one. Not only for its taste, but its organic quality and more importantly – how they feel.

Many verified consumers also commented on their digestive health. This is common trend among the comments and reviews and is likely due to the quality and purity of the ingredients.

Who is Behind This Coconut Daily Protein?

The Coconut Daily Protein was created by Activated Naturals who believe in good nutrition. They felt there was a need in the market place to provide healthy products, that made sense to people. Too often, protein powders and supplements carry long and complicated ingredient lists. This is not what good nutrition should be about.

It should be about real people experiencing real foods and feeling great about what they are consuming. Special attention goes into the formulation of their products, harvesting of ingredients, manufacturing, right through to customer delivery.

How to Order Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein

The Activated Nutrients Coconut Daily Protein is available to order through their website for only $44.95 and this will provide you with a one month supply. Costs of shipping and handling will be adjusted at the checkout.

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