AdvaJOINT Review – Lanelabs GlycoMarine Green Lipped Mussel Extract?


As one grows older, the health and integrity of our joints, muscles, tendons begins to waiver. This is not something unusual, as all men and women have to face these issues some day.

However, there are certain ways of living which can greatly help users maximize the physical capacity of our bodies for as long as possible.

For example, through the regular intake of key nutrients like Vitamin D, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin C, one can preserve the structure and composition of our bones and muscles.

This allows for stronger joint support, so even if the body is faced with some physical duress, the muscles and bones don’t cave into the pressure.

To expand on this point, during a 2006 national survey, approximately 30% of adults reported experiencing some kind of joint discomfort or stiffness (other than back or neck) during the preceding 30 days.

Out of all the mentioned issues knee, shoulder, finger and hip problems were the ones that were most frequently reported.

A key factor to watch out for is the stress and pressure that one faces on a daily basis, due to the rising demands of today’s work places, younger and younger people have reported facing various back, neck and joint problems.

This problem only seems to be getting worse, as more and more jobs are becoming desk oriented, effectively minimizing all forms of physical activity from one’s life.

Thus, researchers have chalked out a plan wherein they have mentioned that at least 45 minutes of daily exercise should be performed by an individual for optimal physical health.

What Is AdvaJoint?

AdvaJoint is an advanced pain relief formula that has been found to alleviate issues related to one’s joints, muscles and back.

It contains various potent ingredients like GlycoMarine (green lipped mussel extract) which has been found to help keep users active and flexible. GlycoMarine is a proprietary glycogen complex that has been derived from the sea.

Compositionally, it is rich in DHA and EPA which through clinical trials have been found to “ modulate neutrophil activity and prostaglandin production to support healthy joint movement”.

There is also immense scientific literature in regards to this potent compound. Using over 40 years of data, researchers have found Glycomarine to positively affect overall joint mobility and health.

Apart from GlycoMarine, the supplement also contains a patented amino acid extract called HAI™. This compound is known for its amazing absorbability properties, and helps in the faster transfer of key nutrients into our muscles and tissues, so that any inflammatory issues can be resolved easily and without much hassle.

AdvaJoint Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the key active agent in the mix is ‘GlycoMarine’. This compound is harvested exclusively from the Coromandel Coast in the form of a solution.

This solution contains many impurities and thus to obtain a clear extract this murky matrix is made to undergo a hydro-extraction process; the extract is ‘snap-frozen and freeze-dried, producing the highest quality bioactive compound’.

To give users a perspective on the quality of these bio-agents, only mussels grown in government regulated marine farms in the clean unpolluted waters of coastal New Zealand are used in making GlycoMarine.

In layman’s terms, ‘GlycoMarine’ can be thought of as a proprietary glycogen complex that has been clinically shown to aid joint mobility, that aids people in moving around more comfortably.

AdvaJoint Working Mechanism

The supplement has been crafted after immense scientific research and thus features a rich amount of DHA and EPA.

All of the aforementioned ingredients have been found to ‘modulate neutrophil activity’ and promote ‘prostaglandin production’ to support joint movement.

Neutrophils are white blood cells which can reduce the mobility of an individual and thus need to be regulated. AdvaJoint also contains glycogen and glycosaminoglycans. Glycogen is a sugar derivative that works along with DHA and EPA to control neutrophil activity.

Similarly, Glycosaminoglycans are polysaccharides that help in the production of optimal amounts of ‘Synovial liquid’(the shock-absorbing gel that fills the joint capsule).

Lastly, the supplement contains a special compound called HAI, a unique amino acid extract that is found dominantly in Japanese Sea Algae.

Research has shown that HAI can enhance the bioavailability of difficult to absorb nutrients (effectively aiding in optimal physical health).

AdvaJoint Science

“In one double blind clinical study, people with long-standing joint discomfort were divided into two groups.

Among those taking glycomarine (68% in the first group and 40% in the second group), individuals saw a significant improvement in their mobility levels and overall bodily pain symptoms.”

Purchasing AdvaJoint

AdvaJoint comes in the form of pills, each bottle contains 60 of these capsules and is priced at $28.95. There are additional discounts that one can avail of through signing up for the VIP membership package (over 45% discount can be obtained).

The easiest way to place an order is via the online shopping portal.

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