AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain Review

AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain

AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain is without a doubt of the top protein additives that are causing waves in the nutrition sphere. But is it the best? And, more importantly, is it worth your hard-earned money? Well, let’s have a look.

What Makes AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain Great?

As far as protein powders go, three major issues revolve around a majority of protein supplements, and unfortunately, most people overlook these. Here’s a quick primer to that.

Excessive Amounts Of Filler/Unwanted Ingredients

Nothing waters down the potency of an otherwise effective protein supplement like excessive amounts of filler ingredients. By filler ingredients, we imply unwanted stuff that is added to accompany the main part of the component.

The major culprits as far as this is concerned are cholesterol, lactose, gluten, added creamers, carbohydrates, fat, and sugars. As you can see, these are added to improve the palatability of the supplement to a majority of the consumers.

Now, here is where the AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain excels. It is one of the few protein additives that have zero sugar, zero fat, zero gluten, zero lactose and added creamers and just a single gram of added carbohydrates. Overall, it contains just a mere five milligrams of the inevitable cholesterol.

Most ‘Protein Powders’ are Rarely Pure Supplements but Knock offs that are Actually Nothing but Whey Protein Concentrate

Strictly speaking, a protein powder ought to be one that sticks to either protein hydrolysate or protein isolate. These are actually some of the purest forms of supplementary protein in existence today. Speaking of which, only a clean and pure protein formula can allow a rapid Lean muscle (not fat ) gain while reducing the chances of adding fat in the process. Advocare Muscle Gain checks all the right boxes as far as the purity of the ingredients goes.

Most Protein Supplements Either Contain Plenty of Additional BCAAs or Not Enough BCCAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

The presence or absence of BCCAs has a direct impact on the effectiveness of a given protein powder. And here is why. For starters, the protein from supplements can aid/stimulate muscle growth, but your muscles cannot grow fully or recover after an arduous stint in the gym without a sufficient supply of BCCAs. And this is because BCCAs are essential for healthy muscle growth/recovery.

Having said that, a protein powder that does not have the right input of BCCAs can hardly be effective. In line with this, has Advocare Muscle Gain about half a dozen milligrams of BCAAs per unit; this translates to around 6 to 7 grams for every spoonful serving ( this includes valine, glutamine, isoleucine, leucine, etc). T

his is one of the highest ratios BCCAs you will come ever come across.

Ingredients in AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain

A majority of people who buy protein shakes and supplements tend to have very little idea of what they are buying. Very few of us know how to read and decode a simple nutrition label. And this explains why many gym enthusiasts struggle with finding a quality protein supplement.

As far as this goes AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain is among the few supplement powders that contain almost zero fat, lactose, sugar, added creamers and very little sodium and cholesterol.

AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain Conclusion

Advocare Muscle Gain is one of the highly ranked supplements chiefly because of the ingredients that are packed into it. And as all fitness athletes can attest to, whatever you put into your body after spending an agonizing hour or two in the gym determines the level of results that you see later.

So, whether you’re planning on relying on this supplement for muscle growth or purely for recovery, then AdvoCare Performance Elite Muscle Gain is maximally equipped to give you the best results.

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