Affect Health 14 Day Teatox Review

Affect Health 14 Day Teatox

Considering a detox program? Choosing the right one is imperative to results and effectiveness – not to mention safety and healthy should be a priority too. The Affect Health 14 Day Teatox, was developed and formulated by Naturopathic doctors and is a complete lifestyle program. Affect Health uses only USDA certified Organic ingredients and above all else, is laxative free.

Many detox programs act as a laxative. This is not only dehydrating to the body, fails to allow you to absorb certain nutrients, and can be damaging on the system once you stop taking them. In some ways, your body becomes addicted to the voiding.

Affect Health 14 Day Teatox is a loose-leaf tea blend that is powered by medicinal herbs. And, at only three (3) cups a day it will increase the therapeutic effect on your body.

What Is Included In The Affect Health 14 Day Teatox?

Each TeaTox Kit includes the following items:

  • 14-day supply of Daytime TeaTox
  • 14-day supply of Nighttime TeaTox
  • A double walled tumbler 9black or silver) and a stainless-steel strainer
  • A perfect Teaspoon
  • E-Book, Total Detox Guide

What Does The Daytime TeaTox Do?

The daytime tea is made of a citrus flavor blend. The aroma is tropical, exotic and fruity with citrus. And, the taste is described as fruity, a bit tart and contains citrus notes.

The benefits to the daytime TeaTox are:

Some of the ingredients included in this blend are; jasmine green tea, Organic Grade A matcha, milk thistle seed powder, orange peel, and many more – all of which are certified organic ingredients.

What Does The Nighttime TeaTox Do?

The aroma of this nighttime blend is described as warm spiced mint. The taste, being smooth a bit sweet, fresh and minty. In addition to those flavors, you will also discover a touch of warm cinnamon.

The benefits of the nighttime TeaTox are:

Some of the included ingredients in this blend are; peppermint, passion flower, cinnamon, valerian root and milk thistle seed powder. Again, all of these included ingredients are certified organic.

The ‘perfect teaspoon’ that is included in each kit allows for the perfect cup of tea, every time. Lastly, included in this Tea Detox Kit is a customizable detox guide. It will help you add the five (5) key elements to a successful detox;

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Meditation
  4. Hydrotherapy
  5. Sleep

Each, of these components are necessary to the success and results of a detox. One primary reason being that once your body commences its detox process, areas of your body will work a little harder, you might require some extra sleep – a detox is a body reset. And, one that over fourteen (14) days will help you achieve overall wellness and rejuvenation you have been looking for.

An instructional video is available on the website on how to use this 14-day detox effectively, how to brew the tea and best times to consume them.

How To Order Affect Health 14 Day Teatox

Affect Health 14 Day Teatox can be ordered online for only $45.00 USD.

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