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Putting in effort to stay healthy and in shape is not an easy task. For most people, work and socializing takes over their time, and day-to-day activities are already abundant. Even with determination, finding the right workout for one’s body is hard without a professional trainer. However, not all people have the luxury, in terms of money or time, to get a trainer who will correct their poor postures and provide motivation. Thus, people often find themselves having inefficient workouts due to either poor form or just not knowing where or how to start. This is where the BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell comes into the picture.

The BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell claims to use the latest technology to serve as an AI personal trainer that helps to rapidly gain muscle. In addition, it has been programmed to provide feedback to the consumer. To have a better sense of how the BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell works, the following will further explain it in terms of its purpose, how it works, what is offered, and its affordability.

What Is BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell?

The BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell is a workout device that has been designed to revolutionize the personal trainer experience. Its supposed intent is to continuously assess one’s fitness ability and make the necessary modifications to workout routines that way consumers will continuously progress.

How Does BodyBuddy AI Training Equipment & Workout Guide Work?

When working with a personal trainer, it is easy to get feedback on what one is doing wrong, how to fix such mistakes, and what types of exercises one should be doing to attain desired goals. The BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell claims to change the face of personal training by having an AI personal trainer while using the dumbbells. It works by monitoring one’s movements with the dumbbell.

First, one must grab onto the BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell and give it a shake. This will help to activate the application found on one’s phone, which is connected to the dumbbell. Then, it will continue to take a series of tests, to come up with a tailored workout routine. These tests are claimed to be done frequently and based on the data accumulated, the routines may change to fit one’s capability of that specific day.

Purchasing BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell?

With the purchase of the BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell, consumers can expect to receive weights, motion analysis, games, and a mobile application. It has been programmed in a way that helps to monitor exercise intensity, rep count, and heart rate, while performing strength tests. In addition, there are over 200 videos of home workouts involving dumbbells that consumers can challenge themselves with. This type of workout can bring the same results an hour’s worth can in as little as 20 minutes.

The BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell is currently raising funds with a campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign is said to be on-going for one more month and thus products may not be shipped right away. There exists many investment options for the user, a couple of them are:

  • $69 USD for one BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell
  • $129 USD for the 2 dumbbells along with 2 storage bags
  • $249 USD for a pack of 4 BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbells and 4 storage bags.

It is ideal to take advantage at the initial stages, as prices are certain to rise when they reach retailers.

BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell Summary

Overall, the BodyBuddy Smart Dumbbell appears to be worthwhile considering its supposed AI personal trainer and claimed easy-to-use smart technology. With this new workout device, consumers may expect to have the personal trainer experience right in the comfort of one’s home, and at drastically reduced prices. For more information, go to:

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