Alphamax XT Review – Performax Labs Natural Testosterone Complex?

alphamax xt

Testosterone is also known as the ‘male sex hormone’ and rightly so, it governs practically all of our sexual tendencies by manipulating the working of our Central Nervous System. For example, when the hormone is being produced at an optimal rate, it is able to keep a man’s sex drive going at a high level. However, when production levels begin to falter, there are several ailments that come along with it.

In a case study done in 2014 it was found that after the age of 30, the testosterone production rate of an individual drops by 2% every year. Mathematically speaking, if that rate was extrapolated to the course of one’s adult life, we can see that testosterone levels become almost non-existent by the time one reaches the age of 55-60. Thus, many men start to experience symptoms of low sexual desire, poor erection quality, reduced stamina, decreased endurance, erectile dysfunction, low semen quality.

All of these issues are a direct result of the body’s natural ageing, where it is not able to produce essential hormones and enzymes at a high efficiency rate any more.

In terms of supplementary options, today there exist various natural, herbal products which can help us alleviate such issues. A majority of these supplements target our internal mechanisms such that through a simple neural optimisation, our capacity to produce testosterone can be enhanced.

Similarly, many products also contain a class of compounds called ‘vasodilators’. These class of active agents are known to help relax our circulatory network, so that the transfer of blood and other essential nutrients can take place at a high rate throughout our bodies.

About Alphamax XT

Alphamax XT is an all new test booster that aims to optimize the conditioning of our pineal gland. Through the optimisation of our ‘pineal efficiency’, we are able to control and manage the production rate of various key enzymes and hormones.

From a compositional standpoint, the supplement contains a lot of herbal extracts and natural solutions. This means that the overall bioavailability and absorbability of the product is very high, and that the active agents in AlphaMax can be easily imbibed into our bodies.

There are also various case studies available which showcase the potency of the ingredients, the studies not only show that the added nutrients are safe, but also discuss the various possible benefits that one might obtain through regular use of the supplement.

Key Benefits of Using Alphamax XT

  • Hormone Optimisation: this is the key function of AlphaMax, it is known to clear out blockages and open our neural pathways so that neuroreceptors can be freely transported between our pineal gland and our various metabolic centres. Another route that Alphamax utilizes is that of vasodilation. Through an increased flow of blood, the active agents are able to deliver large quantities of zinc, oxygen and aminos into our energy centres. Thus, over time a user can gradually see a major improvement in his overall sexual performance.
  • Lean Mass and Power: a major focus of the supplement is our muscle development ability,.Through the breakdown and delivery of amino acids and proteins, it is able to quickly synthesise and generate new muscle fibres. These fibres are purely composed of pure proteins and thus are highly powerful. Through their development, users can experience a visible increase in their overall lean mass and power output levels
  • Erection Quality: as mentioned earlier, there are many vasodilatory agents in the mix. Through regular use, studies have shown that the ingredients in Alphamax can help increase the blood transfer rate into our groin area. When the penis and testes receive adequate nutrition, they are able to maintain their peak sexual functionality for longer durations.
  • Vascularity: even though this is primarily an aesthetic element of exercise, many athletes and bodybuilders like the presence of veins and arteries on their skin. Through an enhanced blood transportation rate, the primary active agents can increase the presence of popped veins on one’s body.

Alphamax XT Dosage Details

  • 2 capsules of the supplement should be consumed twice daily.
  • There should be a gap of at least a 6-8 hours between the two doses (for ideal benefits)
  • Through clinical trials, researchers have found that within 30 minutes of intake, a person may begin to experience a heightened neural rate of operation
  • Some studies have also shown that the supplement when taken 30 minutes before bed, can help increase the quality and overall deepness of one’s sleep.
  • Alphamax is a all natural testosterone booster and because of this a PCT is not necessary. However Alphamax can actually be used as part of a complete PCT.
  • The product should only be used by individuals over the age of 18. It should not be used by women, as it may interfere with the regular estrogen production mechanisms within a woman’s body.
  • Similarly, if a person is suffering from a major ailment, the he should consult a doctor before starting regular dose (same goes for people taking prescription medication).

Alphamax XT Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Alphamax XT contains 120 capsules (meant to serve as a month’s supply) and is priced at $44.99. The supplement can be directly purchased from the official company website and payments can be made using a host of common direct debit means (visa, mastercard etc).

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