Altra IQ Smart Shoe Review

Altra IQ Running Shoes Review

Altra IQ Running Shoes are smart footwear that tracks the way that you run to help you get the most out of your cardio routine.

These shoes are available for both men and women.

What Are The Altra IQ Smart Running Shoes?

When you decide to pursue a workout routine, you want to make sure you’re getting everything that it has available to offer.

The only way that you’ve really been able to measure this before is with the scale, but there’s so much that this measurement can’t answer.

If you want an in-depth look at your progress and your physique, you need the Altra IQ Running Shoes.

The Altra IQ Running shoes give you the unique opportunity to pursue a guided routine in real time.

These shoes feature impressive technology that is becoming common with smart apparel, but the small sensors in the bottom of the shoe are what gives the ability to read and store this information.

While the entire point of this shoe is to amplify your workout, the company doesn’t forgo comfort.

As the data is collected about the way that you run and walk, you get the plushness of the 28mm stack height.

With the design of the padding, you gain necessary support that helps you maintain the right posture, but it still gives a realistic view of the way you walk and move.

The padding is such a high-quality texture that you won’t even notice the tiny sensors that are found in the mid-sole.

How Do the Altra IQ Running Shoes Work?

The way that the IQ running shoes set themselves apart from other products is in the way that it tracks your information, while promoting a better regimen.

The app makes its assessment after analyzing several different factors that the determine what you’re doing while active. It shows you:

  • The impact rate, which shows you the balance and the pressure you’re placing on each foot
  • Cadence, to demonstrate the speed of your steps to track how quickly you can move
  • The foot strike, which tells you the way your feet are meeting the group to help you
  • create a better stride
  • Contact time, which measures the milliseconds that your feet rest between movement

The app collects all this data, storing it for you to review after your routine.

This information is not meant to direct you on the right actions to take, but to help you understand what you’re doing in your routine so you can make some changes.

Once the app has data to work from, that’s when you start to receive recommendations and tips.

You can even get audio cues during your workout to help you boost your effectiveness, but all of this would not be possible without the data to understand the way that you currently workout.

Activating The Altra IQ Running Shoes

You can connect the IQ running shoes to certain smartphone versions.

With Android, your system must be at least v5.0, and Apple devices should be no older than a 4S. All you need to do to synchronize up your shoes with the app is to make your phone available for a Bluetooth connection.

The shoes are constantly available for this link, since a small sensor battery powers them.

You will search for the connection with your phone, in the same way that you would attempt to locate any Bluetooth connection.

Unless there’s another pair of the smart shoes within 50 feet of you, it should be the first option when you do your scan.

Once connected, you can use the app to activate everything when you start running.


To keep your shoes clean, while helping them to perform at their best, you need to be careful in the way you treat them.

You can wash them out in the same way that you would wash any other pair of sneakers, but they cannot be submerged in water, so you need to avoid your washing machine.

To dry them out, you can use paper towels and stuff them inside.

The drying process takes about half of a day, so winter runners may want to purchase two pairs, to ensure that they always can go running with clean shoes.

Pricing For The Altra IQ Running Shoes

If you want to include the IQ running shoes in your routine, the total cost for a single pair is $220, and your color selection will depend on your size and gender.

The shoes are available for both men and women, so be sure to select the correct size.

You have the option of purchasing these shoes directly from the Altra website, or you can use the store locator tool to find which of the many shoe companies in your area is lucky enough to stock them.

In the event that you decide that the Altra IQ shoes are just not for you and your goals, you have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a complete refund.

However, if you decide to keep the shoes, you have a warranty that will cover damages for up to a year.

Contacting The Creators Of The Altra IQ Running Shoes

Even though the website offers plenty of information that is helpful for you to know about the IQ running shoes, you may still have other questions that you want to address.

You have the option of either calling or emailing the company.

Call 888-851-9411 to reach a representative. The department is available on weekdays from 8:00am to 8:00pm MST.

If you prefer to correspond with the team electronically, you can open a new window to email the company from the Contact Us page.

Altra IQ Running Shoes Summary Review

Altra IQ running shoes are unlike anything you’ve tried to incorporate into your workout routine.

However, you don’t even need to work out to show how you walk and position your body in the daytime.

If you’re ready to push your run to the limits, you may benefit from the purchase of the IQ shoes.

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