B2 Bottle Review – Perfect Wearable Arm-Fitted Sports Drink Bottle?

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Remaining hydrated during any form of intensive physical activity is extremely important. A net reduction of just 2% of the total water content of the body can equate to a significant loss in sports performance, strength, and endurance. During intensive physical activity, the body can sweat out more than 32 ounces of water, making it essential to keep drinking to remain at peak physical power.

Carrying enough water on you during movement-intensive activities such as running or cycling, however, can be difficult. The arms play an integral role in balance, cadence, form, or steering in these sports, and so finding the time to dig a water bottle out of a backpack during the middle on an intense run or ride can break your natural rhythm.

Planning your exercise route around watering spots such as fountains can be equally difficult, and carrying a water bottle in hand can be even more frustrating. Short of purchasing a professional camel pack for drinking water, which can be bulky and throw of running from, there aren’t many ways to ensure your body remains hydrated during high intensity exercise.

A new crowdfunding campaign being run on Kickstarter, however, is promising eager backers a solution to this common problem. The B2 Bottle is a new personal hydration device that works in a similar way to arm-mounted iphone holders, securing a water bottle to the user’s upper arm to deliver convenient and easy drinking with minimal effort and without disrupting the natural flow of running or riding.

The B2 Bottle crowdfunding campaign has already reached more than a third of their projected €15,000 Euro goal from eager backers around the world, and is set to reach their target ahead of time. In this article, we’ll take a look at the B2 bottle and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right personal drinking device for you.

What is the B2 Bottle?

The B2 Bottle is described on the B2 Kickstarter page as the “Perfect Arm-Fitted Sports Bottle”, and, at a glance, looks like one of the most revolutionary new sports accessories of 2017. Consisting of a comfortable arm strap that secures a small, sphere-shaped bottle to the upper arm, the B2 Bottle is intended to provide lightweight and effective rehydration on the go with minimal interference.

Instead of fumbling around with water bottles, backpacks, or other bulky items, B2 Bottle users are able to simply fill up, strap on, and go, with essential hydration never far away. The movement required to grab a quick drink with the B2 Bottle is intuitive and easy- users simply raise their elbow to access the quick release lid of the device and are able to gain access to water, sports drinks, or supplements instantly.

Design & Construction

The B2 Bottle has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind. One of the most attractive facts about the design of the B2 Bottle is that it’s made with biodegradable and environmentally-friendly components that minimize the overall impact on the environment. The entire unit has been designed from the ground up to be sturdy and rugged, able to take anything the running trail will throw at it.

The bottle of the B2 Bottle is mounted to a breathable strap that is protected from slipping down the arm with an anti-slip loop, with an integrated slot for optimal shape and form whilst attached to the arm. The bottle is a small three-dimensional octagon and can be rotated 90 degrees whilst in the arm holster, making it accessible from both the left and the right arms. Removing the bottle from the holster strap is simple and fast, making it easy to remove for filling, washing and preparing supplements. It’s also dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy.

The creators of the B2 Bottle will be making it available in five different colors, each of which are inspired by a different theme. The arm strap also integrates a useful key pocket that tucks keys and precious items away underneath the bottle, eliminating the annoying pocket swing caused by heavy keys while running.

Each B2 Bottle holds 300ml, which is the ideal amount for the average cardio session, and is far easier to access and use than bulky CamelBaks or drink belts. Importantly, the B2 Bottle arm strap is also progressively adjustable, so if you’re on a bulk, your bottle will still fit snug without restricting.

An interesting design element that has been incorporated into the B2 Bottle is the inclusion of an LED light. The LED light is available in a variety of colors and is placed beneath the bottle, illuminating the entire bottle with the color of choice to keep joggers, runners, and cyclists safe at night or in dark environments.

The B2 Bottle Difference

The B2 Bottle has been made with environmentally friendly ingredients that don’t harm the environment, and offer a distinct advantage over other bottles- it’s BPA free. The plastic of the B2 Bottle is made with manufacturing processes that incorporate GHG reduction, recyclable materials, and are over 87% biobased verified by ASTM.

BPA plastics have been proven to cause a wide range of health disorders, including hormonal disruptions, so using the B2 Bottle instead of a disposable plastic bottle is far better for your health.

B2 Bottle Verdict

The B2 Bottle is a revolutionary product that is set to make staying hydrated while exercising far easier and more convenient. If you’re frustrated by the lack of easy to use water sources while exercising, the B2 Bottle campaign is definitely worth backing.

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