BACKBONE Review – Smart Connected Posture Solution Back Training App?


Isn’t it interesting when you hear or read the word posture you almost always correct yours? Sometimes it is those friendly little, subtle reminders that every time that we exhibit poor posture, we do a little bit more wear and tear on our spine. You might however be surprised to also know that; poor posture can also increase feelings of depression and can put you at a greater risk for a back injury.

This was the motivation behind Backbone. It offers you subtle and discreet reminders through vibration when you are exhibiting poor posture. This helps you to align your shoulders with your spine. And, it will also send you a little vibration once you have been sitting for too long or slouching – both of which can attribute to poor posture, and in turn, a bad back.

Backbone, is the first posture correction solution available on the market. It comes with a discreet support brace and a motion sensing module that delivers the vibration when you are slouching. It is their friendly way of reminding you to straighten up! And, because Backbone is connected to you via an app on your smart phone, it will help you the improvements, or areas in which you struggle the most.

Essentially what it is doing is monitoring your posture so you, don’t have to.

We used to believe that standing up straight, or sitting at attention was to be polite. And, although it is seen as a sign of respect in some cultures, poor posture can add weight to your back that doesn’t have to be there. Here’s an example; when you are leaning forward slightly, similar to when you are at a computer desk typing, you are adding 45 pounds of extra weight onto your spine, back and your neck.

Alternatively, when you are leaning backwards too far, you are adding an additional 30 pounds to your back, neck and spine. This is a considerable amount of unnecessary weight being added to those areas of your body.

Let’s look at a few comparisons when it comes to good versus bad posture…

Bad Posture

Good Posture

Backbone is Evolving

Ready to feel the difference almost immediately? This model of device is thinner and sleeper than the original and provides more flexibility in the brace. Oh, and when you thought it couldn’t get better – it does. It is smarter too! The addition of the new and interactive app will help you go through posture strengthening exercises, stretches and even more.

This not only allows for immediate correction, but long-lasting results.

Directions for Use

Three (3) simple steps;

  1. Put the brace on
  2. Pair it up with your smart phone
  3. Receive easy, all day posture support and feedback

Who is Behind Backbone?

This innovative device was designed with the help of top health professionals. The brace creates a gentle pull to your back and shoulders correcting your posture upon wearing it. This will help support those areas and your spine. During the time you are wearing it, the device will actively monitor your posture and will vibrate gently when you slouch.

This will encourage you to correct your posture upon the vibration. This will help you develop great habits when it comes to posture and your spine will thank you!

What Else Should You Know

Now, because Backbone is in the habit of creating long-term results, they felt the need to add an interactive training program to their already innovative product. This application can be used from your smart phone and it will put together personalized posture strengthening content for you. This can be kept to yourself or shared with others for accountability.

You will find educational content and training support to help you on your journey to better posture and back support. It comes equipped with high quality videos that have been designed by health care professionals.

Backbone Summary

  • Real Support
  • Live Feedback
  • Train Anywhere!
  • Progress Tracking
  • Personalization
  • Week long charge!

Want to Back This Project?

To take advantage of Backbone before it is released publicly, pre-order yours now at the Early Bird Rate of only $69.00 plus shipping. This is a 30% saving off the retail price. This offer is limited quantity, so don’t delay – start correcting your posture, today!

This estimated delivery is March 2018.

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