Basd Body Care Review – Healthy Skin Scrub, Wash & Lotion Products?

Basd Body Care

What makes a healthy body care line? On what basis should consumers decide whether or not a provided body care essential is any good? These are some of many questions that might be lingering in one’s mind, but fortunately, basd has a simple yet sensible answer to that.

Basd Body Care believes that a good body care line prevents any effects that can negatively impact one’s skin and overall health. It must do what it claims to do; uplift one’s skin but it should never work in reverse.

The purpose of this review is to analyze basd and to come to some understanding in terms of what their perspective on body care is. Some of the information consumers will be introduced to are its intentions, the products offered and its price factor.

What is Basd Body Care?

Basd Body Care specializes in providing consumers with plant-based body care essentials. The idea of basd stemmed on the belief that nothing should negatively change one’s personality and how one feels.

Founders Ashley Meston and Phil Lebeau further believe that body care essentials should elevate one’s current skin and body health and not bring one down.

What Does Basd Body Care Offer?

basd currently offers 3 different mediums (each with 2 types unique scents) that can work to satisfy one’s overall body care health. To better understand how basd may come of use, the following will look closely at each product in terms of the ingredients used as well as its uses:

basd coffee body scrub – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée

The purpose of the basd coffee body scrub – invigorating mint is to act like an exfoliator. It claims to deliver an optimal source of antioxidants and vitamins that can potentially reduce cellulite, fine lines and blemishes. Furthermore, it can help to remove dead skin cells from the skin’s surface, reduce puffiness and can naturally protect and hydrate the skin.

Its key ingredients consist of organic coffee, almond oil, and coconut sugar, and vitamin e oil, peppermint oil and sea salt. To make the most out of the body scrub, consumers are advised to massage a handful in a circular motion for at least 5 minutes. The basd coffee scrub – indulgent creme brûlée is similar to that of the invigorating mint, but may differ in aroma.

basd body wash – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée

The purpose of the basd body wash is to remove any form of impurities or toxins that may be surfacing on top of one’s skin. Some of its associated benefits may include increased skin hydration and tone, a sense of calmness, reduced inflammation from stretch marks and scarring, protection against free radicals and other mind-easing properties.

The key ingredients used in the body wash include organic aloe vera juice, sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate, carya ovata bark extract, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydroxyethylcellulose, ethylene glycol distearate, peppermint oil, organic green tea extract, vitamin e oil, caprylyl glycol, sodium citrate, panthenol and allantoin. To reap its claimed benefits, consumers must use the basd body wash on a daily basis.

basd body lotion – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée

The final step of any skin or body care regimen is moisturizing. The basd body lotion claims to make use of 5 types of natural moisturizing agents which include organic aloe vera juice, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and shea butter.

The ultimate goal is to potentially deliver the skin with an utmost source of vitamins, while hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of red marks caused by acne, scarring or stretch marks.

Besides the 5 moisturizing agents used, the basd body lotion may also include candelilla, jojoba, rice bran, glyceryl stearate, cetearyl alcohol, sodium sterol lactylate, caprylic triglyceride, glycerin, coffee extract, organic sweet essential oil and more. In terms of its uses, consumers can use it to their likings, as it can be used on a daily basis or simply as needed.

How Much Can Consumers Expect to Invest in Basd Body Care?

The prices are likely to vary across the different Basd Body Care offered. Here is a detailed price breakdown:

  • basd coffee body scrub – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée: $19.99
  • basd body wash – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée: $15.99
  • basd body lotion – invigorating mint & indulgent creme brûlée: $24.99
  • basd invigorating mint bundle pack: $54.99
  • basd indulging creme brûlée bundle pack: $54.99

The prices are comparable, if not better because most body care essentials can range anywhere between $20 and $47 for using manmade ingredients as opposed to using organic.

Are Basd Body Care Products Worthwhile?

Basd Body Care products are worthwhile because they use a wide range of organic and natural ingredients that claim to exfoliate, repair and further protect the skin, while potentially uplifting one’s mood through its aromatherapeutic properties.

While basd’s line may appear very basic, Meston and Lebeau have touched base on every factor required to ensure one’s skin health is not compromised. When taking its price factor into count, consumers can save more by purchasing the bundle pack.

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