Blind Barber Pomade Review – Skin & Hair Care Cream, Wax, Aftershave?

Blind Barber Pomade

Blind Barber Pomade is a new brand of hair care products for men.

What Products Are Offered By Blind Barber Pomade?

Some of the products that the company has released include the following:

  • 30 Proof Styling Cream
  • 40 Proof Salt Sea Spray
  • 60 Proof Wax
  • 90 Proof Pomade
  • 101 Proof Classic Pomade
  • Shampoo and bodywash
  • Conditioner
  • Shave Cream
  • Daily Face Cleanser
  • Daily Face Moisturizer
  • Tompkins Scented Candle

The Use Of Tonka Beans And Blind Barber Products

Blind Barber states that all of their hair products include Tonka beans as part of its formulation.

The Tonka bean has its name from the speech of Galibi, spoken in an area of French Guiana. The word bean in the Galibi speech is “tonquin” or “tonqua” thus the title Tonka bean.

In modern times, the use of this tonka bean medicinally has been stopped because of claims that the high coumarin content may cause cardiovascular disease, liver damage and cancer.

The Tonka bean, also called Tonquin bean, comes from the seeds of this Tonka tree, also known as cumaru/kumaru, which is native to Central and South America.

Though the shrub is also highly valued for its synergistic properties, it is the bean which has received global attention. The wrinkly black-skinned beans might not seem like much but their abundant sensual vanilla-esque aroma make them exceptionally utilized in food, cosmetics, perfumery, and tobacco.

The scientific names include Baryosma tongo, Coumarouna odorata, Dipteryx odorata.

Spiritually, the oil is also known as the Oil of Initiation.

The bean contains up to 46% of oil by dry weight. Tonka bean oil is amber or yellowish colored oil, which is quite thick and strong at room temperature and may be heated by running the petroleum container under hot tap water. A hair dryer can also be used to melt it.

Different levels of the oil are made, such as concretes, absolutes, and tinctures. However Tonka bean vital oil can be rare to find. Tonka bean absolute essential oil is made by allowing the beans to soak in rum for 1–2 days.

The beans are then dried to allow coumarin, characterized by little white circles, to form on the surface. These crystals called coumarin are what provide the beans their intense odor.

Often used as a fixative oil, the bean has a warm powdery fragrance reminiscent of caramel vanilla. Its sweet and sweet candy-like odor makes it a heavily used essential oil in the perfumery industry. It’s often used as an adulterant for vanilla extract.

Historically, the bean was utilized in the extraction of coumarin for usage in tobacco flavouring. These days, the flavouring used in tobacco is synthetically made to cut down prices, and the requirement for your Tonka bean dropped.

Tonka bean oil is mainly Utilized in bath soaks, perfumes and mists, in addition to massage and spa.

Hops And The Products By Blind Barber

Hops are used in the beer brewing business for decades. They were first discovered way back in the 11th century and have since become a staple at the beer manufacturing company. What fewer people are aware of is that hops have also long been used for their health benefits and you don’t have to slug down on beer to get their medicinal goodness.

These days, hops are available in assorted supplementary forms including tablets, capsules, liquid extract and tincture. Hops may be used to cure a surprising array of ailments including digestion, headaches and anxiety while preliminary research indicates that they can help in the fight against certain kinds of cancer.

When you think of hops, you will almost certainly associate the word with beer. Hops that are known scientifically by the name Humulus lupulus are flower clusters that grow on the Hop plant.

Hops also go by several other common names including pliny the elder, asperge sauvage, common hop and European jumps.

Hops are clusters of flowers or seed spores which grow on the jump species of plant which is a vigorous, perennial climbing species. Hops are indigenous to a lot of parts of Europe but are now widely cultivate in many temperate areas all over the world. The plant has hairy stems which help it to grow over 7 meters in height.

It is only the female flowers which can be used for medicinal reasons.

Hops contain a variety of essential oils in addition to various minerals and vitamins that provide them with their therapeutic benefits. The vital oils contained in hops are myrcene, caryophyllene, farnesene and humulene. The oils have a lot of potent curative properties such as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic actions.

These nutrients have strong antioxidant properties which could help protect the body from disease, improve the immune system and slow down the body’s aging procedure.

Hops also have a sort of flavonoid compound called xanthohumol which is thought to possess anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti inflammatory and anti-clotting properties.

It certainly sounds somewhat odd but washing your hair with hop beer or infusion can help add shine to your locks and reduce dandruff. According to proponents, the antioxidants found in hops can help fortify the entire scalp and hair and cut back the effects of baldness.

In case you want to give it a try, first wash your hair with a gentle shampoo then put in a liquid hop extract or beer into your scalp and massage it in completely. Leave for a while before rinsing it out and washing your hair as normal.

Blind Barber Pomade Review Summary

Blind Barber Pomade offers a range of hair care products and those that can be used for trimming one’s beard and facial hair.

The natural ingredients used in Blind Barber Pomade also work to enhance the quality and growth of new hair follicles and thickens the stem from the epidermis.

In short, it’s possible that one could get a significant amount of value from using the Blind Barber products on a regular basis, provided that users keep their expectations realistic and to not expect a miracle cure.

The full product and ingredient listings can be viewed on Blind Barber’s website.

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