Blue Wave Skin Renewal Review

Blue Wave Skin Renewal

Blue Wave Skin Renewal is a skincare regimen that involves a type of light technology that eliminates the bacteria that causes acne, resulting in clearer skin. The treatment is easy to perform at home, and requires no prescription.

About Blue Wave Skin Renewal

One of the most embarrassing skin issues to deal with is acne. Whether someone is a teenager or a full-grown adult, acne can strike at the most inopportune time. Most people think that blemishes are the result of a dirty complexion, but they are only half-right.

In fact, the pores collect dirt, oil, and other substances all day long, but they cause pimples when the pore remains clogged. Rather than putting your skin through the constant stress of exfoliation every day, try out the Blue Wave Skin Renewal instead.

Blue Wave Skin Renewal offers a unique way to reduce blemish-causing bacteria – light technology. With LED waves, the blue light removes the buildup in the complexion without ever touching the user’s face.

When someone uses the photo light therapy to get rid of the bacteria in their skin, they also reduce the amount of inflammation, since there are no more bacteria to cause it in the first place. With a face that is free of redness, swelling, and bacteria, every user looks more radiant than ever.

The website does not say that the user needs to cleanse their complexion before use, but they will need to keep their skin clean between each use with their daily routine. The remedy should only be used about three times a week, continuing the regimen for about 10 weeks to see a real improvement. The directions inside will show all of the steps for consumers to take to restore the clarity in their complexion.


If consumers want to add this treatment to their skincare routine, the total cost of a single Blue Wave device is $2999, which includes a free skin renewal treatment. Consumers are responsible for covering the cost of shipping, which is $9.99, but the sales tax is determined by the state.

Even if this remedy does not work for the user, consumers have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Blue Wave Skin Renewal

Since the website only provides limited information about the Blue Wave device and treatment, consumers may be left with other questions that they want to address before their purchase. The customer service team is available by calling 1-855-668-1655.

The department is open on weekdays from 7:00am to 12:00am EST, and on weekends from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST.

Blue Wave Skin Renewal Review Summary

Blue Wave Skin Renewal helps consumers to correct the damage that their skin has sustained, whether the bacteria has resided for days or months.

The treatment will not replace a daily cleansing routine, but the consistent use over the next two and a half months will change the complexion in a way that consumers only thought possible in a professional setting. However, there is no prescription required, and the remedy will not interfere with any treatment that the user’s dermatologist already assigned.

If you want to clear up your complexion without putting it through more stress, then the Blue Wave regimen may help you to achieve the desired clarity.

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