California Charcoal Pearls Review – Activated Charcoal Hair Removal Wax?

California Charcoal Pearls

California Charcoal Pearls is a hair removal system that pulls from the hair follicle for the smoothest skin possible. This remedy is highly effective, and can be purchased as a double set to get more value for the purchase.

What is the California Charcoal Pearls?

Hair removal is an unfortunate part of many beauty routines, since it is both tedious and does not last very long. Most men and women choose to shave as the easiest form of removal, but this method leaves the hairs looking blunt, only dealing with the hair that the user can see from the surface.

By simply cutting the hair by shaving, or breaking it down with depilatory cream, the root of each hair is still found within the hair follicle, giving it a head start on growth. Instead of wasting time with these ineffective methods, which can leave the skin with cuts and burns, the California Charcoal Pearl Wax is a healthier and more impressive option.

California Charcoal Pearls helps consumers to remove body hair from the root, which means that the body has to growth a completely new hair before they even need to remove it again.

The wax is soothing and comfortable on the skin, since there is no microwave needed to heat it up, often resulting in dangerously hot wax. This waxing system is healthy for skin, and helpful for consumers that want to get lasting and supportive results.

Most people try to either wax at home or get a professional treatment performed. Waxing at home creates a sticky mess, and it is hard to make sure that the user has the right angle for pulling the hair out in the first place.

By choosing to professionally remove hair, consumers end up spending way more than they want to, and have to expose their body hair to a complete stranger. For so many reasons, home waxing is the most discreet and simple way to go, but only with a system as simple and easy as the California Charcoal Pearl Wax.

How It Works

The reason that the Pearl Wax is so much more effective than shaving and even regular waxing sets is due to the structure of the solution. The wax traps the hair within itself, and does not need any strips to adhere to. Additionally, the user needs to apply the wax against the grain, helping to lift up the hair and secure it in the wax section.

The charcoal formula makes a big difference in the experience as well. Charcoal naturally draws out the impurities of the area of the body it touches. It is used in hospitals to eliminate medication from the digestive tract, and even in skincare treatments to end the toxins that build up.

By using it in the wax, the process helps to pull out the hairs and the toxins in each of the follicles, which significantly reduces the risk of irritation and stress to the skin.

Using the Charcoal Pearl Wax

Before the user can perform any of the wax, they need to pour in the beads to the warmer. Set the warmer at the temperature that the directions say. Allow all the beads to completely melt before using it.

Once the beads are melted, take one of the applicators and scoop up some of the melted wax. Apply the wax from the bottom of the area that the user wants to remove hair from. The wax needs to go against the grain so that the wax can grip onto all the hairs.

Allow the wax to completely harden and cool, which should take less than a minute. Pull up a little of the wax at the bottom of the strip, giving the user a tab that they can pull. Take a deep breath, and pull off the wax. Consumers can choose to pull slowly or quickly, but they will have the same hairless result.

Some people use moisturizing oil to avoid irritation as the skin adjusts to the removed hair.

Pricing Information

To buy the whole California Charcoal waxing system, the cost is $29.99, plus the cost of shipping and handling. When the consumer makes this purchase, they will receive:

  • A bag of the wax pearls
  • 10 application sticks (though the user can purchase more separately)
  • A wax warmer

For a second set, pay an additional $14.99 with the original purchase, though there is no indication of the amount of shipping required.

If this set does not work for the user’s stubborn hair, or they do not like the way that it removes the hair, then the buyer has up to 30 days to send the remedy back for a full refund.

Contacting the Creators of the California Charcoal Pearls

Even with all the details available on the website, consumers may still want to learn more about this helpful waxing system. The customer service team provides a form on the website to let users send a message from their advertising page right away.

If the question requires an answer urgently, they can call 1-855-668-1655 on weekdays from 7:00am to midnight EST, and on weekends from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST.

California Charcoal Pearls Conclusion

California Charcoal Pearls is a healthy and easy way to eliminate the excess hair from the body, even if the follicles are buried deep under the skin. The treatment is easy for anyone to apply, even if they have not had any experience with waxing before.

With all the components at their fingertips, anyone can get the hairless texture they want on their arms, legs, underarm, and other places with ease.

If you want to remove the hair yourself, and give your razor a break, then the California Charcoal Pearl Wax is a safe way to do that.

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