Cannapleasure Review – Pharma Hemp CBD Cannabis Stimulating Salve?


CBD Oil has been gaining in popularity for its ability to soothe tired and aching joints as well as boost overall health.

Cannapleasure combine the benefits of CBD Oil into an easy to use personal lubricant that can also be used as a massage gel to reduce muscle and joint pain. If this unique product sounds intriguing please read below to learn more about Cannapleasure and how to purchase.

What is Cannapleasure?

The combination of CBD Oil along with peppermint oil, ginger root and other herbs work to naturally give the skin a tingling sensation that promote relaxation and calmness.

When used as a personal lubricant Cannapleasure will give both partners the same lubrication properties as regular lubricants plus the extra tingle provided by CBD Oil. This balm can also be used as a massage cream that reduces joint and muscle pain.

How Does Cannapleasure Work?

Cannapleasure can be used as a personal lubricant for improved sexual comfort as well as a muscle rub. Formulated to be used as needed to enhance sexual pleasure as well as reduce joint and muscle pain.


By blending 50 milligrams of CBD with hemp seed oil with peppermint oil, almond oil, ginger root and beeswax this lubricant cream offers a natural way to enhance sexual pleasure as a lubricant.

Cannapleasure can also be used as a massage oil that targets painful and sore joints and muscle following intense workout sessions.

The hemp used in this salve are grown without pesticides or other chemicals making Cannapleasure organic and made from non-GMO ingredients.

Who Makes Cannapleasure?

CBD Centro is a US based company dedicated to offering consumers high quality CBD products that are formulated to improve daily health and wellness.

Consumers who are looking for high quality vape products or hemp oil capsules, tinctures, sprays, or drinks will definitely want to check out CBD Centro. More information can be found online at

Cannapleasure Pricing

This cream is available for purchase online at CBD Centro at Each jar of Cannapleasure is available for $49.99.

Should You Use Cannapleasure?

Unlike other personal lubricants Cannapleasure uses only natural ingredients to provide a smooth gel that can be used for sex or as a massage oil to relieve pain.

One of the drawbacks may be the high price plus limited product details which make further research recommended. Interested consumers can learn more at where they can also make a purchase.

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