Carry All Plate Review – Versatile Food & Beverage Holder For Tailgates?

carry all plate

Carry All Plates are designed uniquely to allow you to carry a variety of food and a beverage using one hand while the other hand is left for eating and greeting. The ingenious plates make it convenient for the hosts to serve visitors and at the same time makes the event enjoyable.

People take their meals at the points of their choice in the ceremony since they can move around with the plates. Chairs and tables are not needed for people to place and take their meals since you can eat while standing or moving around. The plates keep the variety of food divided without mixing and at the same time allows individuals to carry the drink of their choice.

Features of Carry All Plate

Makes eating and drinking easy

The plates are designed to carry different types of food together with a beverage on the same plate. One can carry the content using one hand while the other hand is left free for eating and other activities. You can also take the meal while standing without straining or even move around since holding the plate is easy.

Ability to hold any drink

Carry All Plate can carry almost all types of beverage holder. The plates can take bottles, cans, and glasses and thus enables you to carry the beverage available at any event. There is no need for a table to hold the drink you enjoy during a party. The plate also fits comfortably at the sitting points since they occupy less space.

Suitable for any occasion

The Carry All Plate is valid in almost all kinds of occasions. The plates can be used for pool parties, picnics, camping among others. Also, they enhance enjoyment since one can socialize with friends during eating as you move around.

Besides the plate has compartments which hold different kinds of food without mixing them. The plates are neat and presentable and leave more space for other activities to take place.


The plates are made of BPA free plastic and can be used for an extended period. They are easy to wash and are reusable. When clean, they are stack together for secure storage for use in the next occasion. The plates are sold at affordable prices and are easily accessible online when needed. Usually, they are sold in packs of five and bonuses are given upon purchase of one package.

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