Clairol FLARE Me Review – Professional Hair Color Cream For Permanent Shades?

Clairol FLARE Me

Clairol FLARE Me is a hair dye that provides you with over 26 color options, which all offer radiance and high-gloss shine. This treatment is easy to apply, allowing you to create the appearance you want from the comfort of your home.

What Is Clairol FLARE Me?

When you start to feel a little stuck in your ways, you need to find a way to make a change in your day. One of the easiest ways to change things up is with a new hair color.

This type of change is harmless, allowing you to express your creativity and boldness with the help of a new appearance in the mirror. However, finding the right type of color for your hair is a little more of challenge.

You want a color that is going to give your hair some depth and radiance, rather than appearing dull. You also want to make sure that the treatment you use is healthy for your hair as well. Much like the other products from Clairol, the Flare Permanent Cream Color offers you nutrition and support for the structure of your hair as it colors.

Clairol FLARE Me is meant to deliver built-in gloss with any application of color, helping your new hue to look more bold and radiant than ever before. The coloring chemicals give you the ability to create intense shades that bring out your natural glow, using 26 different options to treat and brighten your hair.

Unlike some other hair colors that don’t have the same potency, this formula is safe and effective in graying hair as well, since gray hair struggles to absorb color effectively with some brands. The colors you will find with the Flare options involve intensive and rich hues that offer incredible shine.

The brown variations allow you to get the richness and warmth of a brunette, without the brassy imitation of shine that too many brands possess. Red shades are often the hardest ones to keep, but the creators of the Flare cream color use Alpa-Red technology, which introduces a vibrancy that you can’t find with other brands.

With Clairol, you don’t need to worry about losing your investment either. If you aren’t completely in love with the effectiveness of this coloring, you can get a complete refund.

How Does The Clairol FLARE Me Work?

The reason that the Flare permanent color is effective in nourishing your hair as it colors is due to OmegaGloss technology, which is exclusive to Clairol.

This composition is made up of natural oils, which offer a conditioning effect as it dyes your hair. This impressive blend also helps to give your hair a multidimensional shine that other remedies don’t offer.

Using Clairol FLARE Me

Every single box of color from Clairol, whether it’s from the Flare line or another, includes complete and in-depth instructions with the box. You will need to follow those directions precisely for the best results, which take about 30 to 45 minutes to settle in, depending on how well your hair accepts chemical color. To coat your hair evenly, it may help you to use a brush to apply the product to your hair, which you can mix in a bowl to distribute it from.

If you’re using this color to cover up graying hair, or to provide all-over treatment for your hair, you will need to use the Flare Permanent Cream Developer. The Developer helps to set in the color, creating a chemical structure that makes it easier for your hair to accept.

With any hair color, after the initial rinse and conditioning treatment, you should avoid washing your hair for the first 24 hours, allowing the color to settle completely. To maintain your color, you should gravitate towards shampoos and conditioners that are formulated to nourish chemically-treated hair.

Pricing For Clairol FLARE Me

The best part about the Flare cream color is that it’s inexpensive. For one box of the coloring chemicals, your cost will only be $5.99 at Sally’s.

However, Clairol is a brand that is found in basically every store that carries hair products, so you’ll likely to be able to find it locally as well. For a complete list of locations, look for your state on

Contacting The Creators Of Clairol FLARE Me

This cream color is one of the many products offered by Clairol, offering plenty of information online about all the different products online. However, you may still have other questions, which is what the customer service team can address.

The fastest way to reach someone from Clairol is to call the company at 1-800-252-4765. However, there’s no business hours listed on the website, so you may find that it’s easier to send an email using the online form, which you can access at

Clairol FLARE Me Conclusion

If you’re looking to color your hair, you probably take great pride in it looking fabulous wherever you go. Your hair color’s performance is not something you should compromise on, and Flare permanent color makes sure that you don’t have to. With so many colors to choose from, you can spend all the time you need seeking out different options, and changing your hair to match how bold and fierce you feel.

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