Coco Taps Shark Tank Review

Coco Taps

Coco Taps Shark Tank is a company (featured on Shark Tank!) that has created a reusable spout for consumers to use with coconuts to drink the milk inside, while preserving it for later use. The device is easy to use, and it promotes the consumption of a healthy beverage for any consumer.

What Is Coco Taps?

Coconut water is one of the most popular drinks nowadays, with many different companies adding it to their lineup, or creating their entire brand around the drink. In fact, there are even some fast food companies that allow consumers to get it as their drink.

However, one of the downsides about these brands is that there are different preservatives that companies must include to make sure that this drink stays fresh. However, consumers can get their drink straight from the source with Coco Taps.

Coco Taps was created by CocoVinny in 2013, who found that there was a certain quality in natural coconut water that manufactured coconut water does not share. However, there was not a way to keep the coconut water fresh and preserved, while preventing the oncoming mess. The creator decided to develop Coco Taps to stop breaking knives and wasting hammers, while getting such a small amount of coconut water in the process.

The design of Coco Taps was researched over the course of two years, helping to find the right tools and design that could withstand the strength of the coconut shell. This device can safely be washed with the user’s dishes, and is BPA free.

When consumers use the tap, their coconut can be resealed for up to four weeks, but it should be kept in the refrigerator to preserve the liquid inside. Even though the website features coconuts that have been harvested by a specific vendor, they say that consumers can use the device on absolutely any coconut to get the water.

Coconut water has many benefits for consumers. It is a sufficient source of antioxidants, which means that it can help to eliminate the buildup of toxins in the digestive system and the immune system, reducing the user’s risk of falling ill. It is a helpful way to prevent kidney stones and other digestively related issues, considering its ability to flush out the system and give essential nutrients.

In fact, since there is no unnatural sugar, consumers with diabetes will not irritate their condition. It is processed by the body in a simple and effortless way, which helps the body to rehydrate after a vigorous workout routine.

However, these benefits are only as potent as possible with the use of natural coconut water, rather than overly processed coconut water. With the Coco Taps Shark Tank, consumers can get that supportive drink anytime.

Using Coco Taps Shark Tank

Consumers will need to buy the tool kit to make the Coco Taps usable in the first place. First, the user needs to use the hand-drill tapper to drill directly into the coconut. This process requires almost no physical exertion, which makes it easy for anyone to get the process started.

Once the hole is made, the user can insert the tap and twist it in place, creating a spout on the coconut. Consumers have the choice of drinking directly from the tap, or it is wide enough to accommodate a straw.

There are limited instructions on the website about this product. However, consumers can watch the demonstration video, or they can refer to the included directions to get the full set of directions for using the tool kit and the Coco Taps.

Pricing For Coco Taps Supplies

Consumers will need to buy both products available on the website to get the preservation they want for their coconut water. Right now, consumers have the opportunity to purchase the tool kit and the taps.

The tool kit is available for $24.99, and it includes a hand-drill tapper and two reusable taps. If the user already has the tool kit, or they just want more of the taps, then they can order a 10-pack for $12.99.

The company has a return policy in place, just in case this product does not work for the user.

Contacting The Creators Of Coco Taps

Since Coco Taps is so new in the industry, there are plenty of questions that consumers will need to have answered before they fully commit to their purchase. If there are questions, anyone can fill out the form on the company’s website at

Coco Taps Review Summary

Coco Taps Shark Tank is meant for any consumer that wants to experience coconut water in a different way. Even the founds searched everywhere for a coconut water that he liked before he found that the real thing is better than any other source.

In fact, it is only with the creation of this spout in the first place that the creator discovered he liked coconut water at all. Sometimes, all consumers need is the opportunity to enjoy something better for them to realize that they found their new favorite drink.

If you want to enjoy natural coconut water, start with the use of the Coco Taps.

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