Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro Review: Compression Belt Eases Pain?

Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro

Endorsed by renowned athletics Brett Favre and Jerry Rice, Copper fit advanced back pro is an adjustable compression back support brace. The device which is said to protect wearers from stress related to lower back strain, as well as overall lower body posture, is the current number one seller in the copper fit compression collection.

How Does Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro Work?

Stabilizing supports

According to the copper fit advanced back pro ad, the new device in the market is made up of a set of four in-built stabilizing supports. The supports are easily adjustable to perfectly fit the size of the wearers, hence offering overall lower back protection. Consequently, the package comes with an extra removable adaptive lumber support insert, usable for additional support on the lower back at any given time.


The compression on its part is featured by an adjustable double belt closure which enables wearers to either loosen or tighten it accordingly while remaining secure. With this, you don’t have to worry about your body size.

According to the innovators of the Copper Advanced Back Pro, the fabric used on the device high quality with excellent performance features. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for long exercising sessions. And since there is a lot of sweating involved in such sessions, the fabric is breathable and doubled with copper infusion to reduce undesirable odors.

This device seems like a good option for individuals struggling with back pain issues and all other form stress related to the lower back. However is it that good?

What’s Unique About Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro?

With the various lower back braces in the market, copper fit has to offer something unique to stand on top of its competitors. However, from the available information provided by its makers on their website, the only thing that seems to set this device apart from its competitors is the use of the copper fit back. As earlier explained, this doesn’t seem to offer many benefits apart from reduced odors. Therefore, there is no much reason as to why you shouldn’t consider other products in the readily accessible market. After all, the device doesn’t offer extra support or pain relief options.

Does Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro Compression Belt Ease Pain?

Like any other lower back braces and related devices, copper fit doesn’t guarantee 100% pain relief, everyone. However, the compressor used by the device might offer you short-term relief depending on the seriousness of the issue at hand. Therefore, it is crucial for you to seek the advice of your physician before embarking on the proper usage of the device. While at it, be open-minded concerning any other form of suggestions offered by the specialist. Remember there are several other options out there.

Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro Reviews

Since the device is still new in the market, there hasn’t been substantial feedback from users. The little reviews available at the moment doesn’t give a clear overview of what to exactly expect. However, while it is good to note that the device is still new, you should pay attention to the reputation of the said manufacturers; Copper fit- known for making copper-infused knee and elbow compression sleeves, the company has in the past received criticism from consumers over under-performance.

Some of the notable complaints in the reviews include poor quality, long-shipping durations, and poor customer service. However, this doesn’t mean you will experience the same with the fit back, but then it’s good to be informed.

Purchasing Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro

The device is available in sizes 28”-39” and 39”-50” waist and comes with a 30-day refund poli

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