Date Sugar NOW Foods Review

Date Sugar NOW Foods

Sugar is one of the most ubiquitous ingredients used in cooking, as it can be seen in virtually every recipe that requires a sweet-tasting additive to make to enjoyable to consume.

However, there is a major issue of sugar that many health conscious individuals understand: too much sugar is bad for your health. Sugar is known to be addictive, as people who consume the substance in large amounts can develop an unhealthy dependency to consuming it. Also, sugar can lead to a ‘sugar rush’ of energy, and an inevitable ‘sugar crash’ afterwards.

The unhealthy reality of sugar has meant that there are now a variety of healthier alternatives available in the market. These products can be used in a variety of drinks and dishes as artificial sweeteners, and some are definitely better for the user than others.

Date Sugar by the company Now Foods is claimed to be a pleasant-tasting natural sweetener. The product is raw and unprocessed and is a viable alternative to using sugar in baked goods.

About Date Sugar NOW Foods

Shoppers can order a package of Date Sugar NOW Foods from the company’s Amazon listing that weighs in at 1 pound. It’s currently listed for $13.00, and ships to most countries outside and inclusive of the United States.

The recommended serving size for Date Sugar is two teaspoons, and each bag should last the user 75 servings. This means that the Date Sugar could be a cost effective solution for anyone who’s looking for looking for an alternative to processed sugar.

To date, there are more than 90 reviews that can be read about the product on its listing on Amazon. The average rating of the product is 4 stars out of 5, with the majority of people praising the sugar’s consistency and quality.

What Are The Benefits of Using Date Sugar NOW Foods?

As the company claims that their product is a healthy replacement to traditional sugar, this implies a number of benefits:

  • Does not contain GMOs: For those who are concerned about the source and nature of the foods they consume, one may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Date Sugar is free from GMOs, and that it is sourced from organic compounds.
  • Healthy replacement for sugar: Baked goods require sugar in order for the recipe to made. As such, most bakeries and at home creations are unhealthy to eat. But when uses a product such as Date Sugar, it may be able to transform one’s unhealthy dish into something that’s safe and nutritious to eat.
  • Tastes good: Date sugar is also easy to consume and can reportedly taste better than natural sugar.

Date Sugar NOW Foods Review Summary

Date Sugar NOW Foods is part of an emerging trend in the industry of natural foods. One can get a healthy sweetener for a manageable price, and with the confidence of knowing that one is consuming a product that’s free from GMOs and other man made additives.

Shoppers around the world can purchase Date Sugar from the company’s listing on Amazon, and they will get their orders within three to five working days.

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