Dekliderm Review – Liquid Self-Adjusting Foundation Softens Complexion?


The skincare industry has greatly expanded with the different colors, mediums and essentials that can be achieved on an individualistic basis. One skincare category that still needs a lot of work is that of the foundation.

The purpose of a foundation is to mimic a natural and temporary coverage to one’s skin flaws. Unfortunately, not every existing skin tone has an appropriate coverage, at least not until Dekliderm released its Self-Adjusting Foundation.

With the use of Dekliderm, consumers are claimed to achieve a natural coverage that can blend smoothly with one’s natural skin tone. To better understand how such a coverage is possible, the following review will look closely at  Dekliderm with respect to its purpose, its overall formula, its uses and its affordability.

What Is Dekliderm?

The Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation is an anti-aging liquid foundation that claims contain a color-matching formula that can immediately blend in with one’s natural skin. Upon usage, the contents are said to come off as a white liquid, which will then self-adjust to match one’s respective skin tone.

By using it regularly, consumers are believed to achieve a significant difference in one’s complexion, appearance, skin’s overall evenness in texture and reduced signs of aging.

Keep in mind, regardless of what concerns one may be faced with, the role of any foundation is to provide temporary relief, which is also applied to the Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation.

What Can Be Said About Dekliderm?

Unlike most foundations that merely provide coverage, the Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation is believed to be designed to further protect and moisturize one’s skin. It is claimed to contain SPF 50 sun protection to avoid sun burns.

Moreover, it is said to achieve a silky finish as opposed to the typical cakey or dry finish most foundations provide. Lastly, for those with cosmetics-related allergies, the Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation is free from fragrance and the use of paraben.

How Should Consumers Make Use Of The Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation?

In order to achieve a proper and complete coverage, consumers are required to apply  Dekliderm onto clean and dry skin. Upon application, it is recommended to use circular motion to increase the distribution onto the entire face; it is ideal to do so prior to exposing the skin in the presence of sunlight.

It is crucial to reapply as needed or after experiencing increased sweat, as the overall formula is not water-proof.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In The Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation?

Consumers have the option of choosing from three different packages. Here is a quick price breakdown with respect to what is being offered in each package:

Simply Foundation

  • 1 Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation and a Lash Enhancer that can last up to 2 months costs $39.95

Ultimate Beauty Package

  • 2 Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundations and a Lash Enhancer that can last up to 2 months costs $49.95
  • 7-Month Supply Ultimate Beauty
  • 2 Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundations and a Lash Enhancer that can last up to 7 months costs $99.90

The prices above are suggestions and do not include shipping fees. While consumers might have the impression that foundations are long lasting, they do have an expiry date that consumers need to abide way. Each package offered by Dekliderm is made to ensure that consumers do not go beyond the expiry date.

When considering its prices, the Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation can be valuable as it claims to cover, protect and enhance moisture in one’s skin.

Dekliderm Review Summary

Overall, the Dekliderm Self-Adjusting Foundation can come of great use for those with light to medium skin. Unfortunately, darker skin tones might not be able to benefit from its uses, as the white liquid might be harder to naturally blend in.

This being said, it would be ideal to purchase the Simply Foundation to assess its efficiency and overall finish that it claims to offer prior to purchasing a 7-month supply.

Dekliderm can be advantageous due to its sunscreen and moisturizing properties that does not require one to apply additional sunscreen or moisturizer.

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