Dental Cleaning System Removes Plaque & Stains?

Sonic Pic

What Is Sonic Pic?

Maintaining your dental health is a matter we often overlook. Expect from the typical dentist visit or regular brushing; it isn’t much else we can afford to do. However, Sonic Pic promises to help you clean your teeth and leave them looking perfect. With dental care system, their tooth device will help users to remove tartar, stains, and particles leaving their teeth whiter and healthier.

Sonic Pic Dental Cleaning System Features

The basics of how Sonic Pic works will require knowing a bit about what the product entails before adding it as a feature of your lifestyle. For Sonic Pic, the cleaning system comes with four main parts to work with while cleaning. The first part of the system comprises the removable scaler tip attached to the ergonomic handle. The toothpick-like tips form the most important part since they help to remove stains, plague, and particle on your teeth. The handle comes equipped with an LED Light to help you take notice of any part left out during cleaning. There is also a single operating button for on and off whenever you need to use.

For the use of Sonic power waves, there is a Sonic tip. The unit allows for 3000 sonic wave vibrations to gently clean the corners of your teeth with little ease. The sonic pulses allow for superior cleaning and whitening by scaling the tooth surface and in between teeth. The Sonic cleaning session will require using the mirror within the set as a guide to ensure the best results.

Sonic Pic Benefits

As indicated by the product’s website some benefits come with using Sonic Pic. As an innovative and unique tool, the product will have users looking forward to better teeth cleaning solutions within their households.

A major plus of the Sonic Pic is that it can help deal with major dental problems. If you have an implant, crown, veneer or orthodontics are a great way to keep your teeth without much effort compared to the ordinary toothbrush. Most of all, your tooth cleaning experience will significantly improve and ease your pain. And most of all, each purchase gets you an extra set of the product has a buy-one-get-one-free promotion.

Another significant gain is the ability of Sonic Pic to remove food plaque and particles. With features such as the mirror, scaler tip, and the sonic pic you will now be able to clean all the crevices of your mouth. Additionally, the vibrations ensure no food stain sticks on the layer of your teeth leaving you healthier-looking teeth.

Also, the device is not so much sophisticated unlike most of its predecessors. In comparison to the ultrasonic scalers, the Sonic Pic is relatively easy to use since it only operates on an AA-battery system with a single on and off button. On the side, you get an Ultra bright LED light with a mirror to help guide you through the cleaning process. That makes the device convenient for both adults and kids.

Does The Sonic Pic Remove Plaque & Stains?

With judgment from the product’s website and professional reviews, it would be wise to conclude that although Sonic Pic is a unique teeth-cleaning system, it doesn’t leave to much expectation. That is mainly due to the fact it doesn’t offer the same ultrasonic speeds you would get at your dentist.

Moreover, there are also ultrasonic scalers which offer competition to Sonic pic by providing more sonic power. But, they are more expensive and require professional expertise to operate. And although the price of a Sonic Pic might be lower, it is wise to know that the system only cleans the top layer of your enamel.

Sonic Pic Conclusion

In conclusion, research about sonic toothbrushes is still little, but they have been found to be better than using the ordinary toothbrushes. However, this does mean they can improve your overall tooth care. In the end, much of it depends on the individual effort at keeping their teeth clean. There is indeed a wave of people being careful about their teeth that see the use of such devices. If need be, you can check out the device for $45 and see if it work. If not, there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you feel it’s not worthy.

Buy Dental Cleaning System Removes Plaque & Stains?

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