Dermelect Anti Aging Nail Care Review

Dermelect Anti-Aging Nail Care

Dermelect is a beauty company dedicated to offering women products that will help them feel their best as they go through the changes to their body as it ages.

Started by a woman who was tired of spending so much money on products that made claims but did not deliver results, Dermelect aims to give women products that work. Please read below to learn more about the nail care line.

What Is Dermelect Nail Care?

As women age often their nails and hands begin to look older than they would like. These nail products by Dermelect can help.

Whether consumers are looking for creams to soften their cuticles or a variety of top or base coats that help support nail health Dermelect offers competitively priced options that deliver results.

Dermelect Product Line

This company offers a range of nail care products formulated to help strengthen nails as women age and help them have beautiful hands they can feel proud of.

Base Coats

-Launchpad Nail Strengthener: Nail treatment that delivers natural protein peptides to the nail to help prevent yellowing, increase flexibility, and reduce chipping or breaking.

-Makeover Ridge Filler: This base product fills the ridges and helps strengthen weak nails and eliminate discolorations.

-Immaculate Nail Cleanse: By including safflower oil, vitamin c, keratin peptides, and grapefruit extract this base coat helps prime the nails by removing impurities and balancing pH.

-Matte-iculous Matte Base and Top Coat: A great go to for people who want to provide their manicure a strong base that helps strengthen their nails and prolong the life of their manicure.

Top Coats

-Momento Manicure Extender: Gel like top coat helps make manicures last for up to nine days without chipping. This product can be applied over any nail polish and cures in natural light.

-High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener: Used as a top coat, this product targets the signs of aging and works to increase nail thickness by up to fifty percent.

Cuticle Care

-Rejuvenail Nail and Cuticle Treatment: Available in either a tube or jar, this cream is packed full of moisturizers that will absorb deeply and help soften and strengthen cuticles with daily application.

-Revital Oil Nail and Cuticle Treatment: By combining argan oil and jojoba oil this product works to strengthen the nail by improving cuticle health.

-Hand Cream: Deep penetrating cream helps soften hands and lock in moisture. Consumers who are noticing the skin thinning on the backs of their hands will want to try this cream to help improve their hand’s appearance.

-Foot Cream: A perfect solution to soften skin on all areas of the foot by exfoliating dead skin and conditioning throughout.

-Peptide Infused Nail Color: Available in over sixty different colors that will add fun and personality to every outfit.

By investing in a high quality nail color people can help protect their nail health and have better looking manicures.

Company Details

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals is a family owned business founded by Jodi Lavian. As a company they are dedicated to offering high quality products that deliver results but not miracles as many of their competitors claim.

Jodi started this company after being tired of spending so much money on products that promised false results or just did not deliver what she expected.

Dermelect is committed to making sure customers are satisfied so they offer a thirty day “Bottom of the Jar” money back guarantee.

This means even if consumers have used most of the product they can return the purchase for a full refund within thirty days of the purchase date.

Dermelect Pricing

Dermelect products can be purchased online through the company’s website, Amazon, and the Skin Store.

Dermelect (

-Base Coat Products: $14.00-$18.00

-Top Coat Products: $16.00

-Cuticle Care: Oil $14.00 Cream: $13.00 for tube $18.00 for jar

-Hand/Foot Cream: Hand Cream 1.7 ounce $14.00 or 4 ounce $22.00. Hand and foot cream duo in two sizes 1.7 ounce duo costs $25.00 the 4 ounce duo costs $47.00.

-Nail Color: $14.00 per bottle

Dermelect offers free shipping on all orders totaling $50.00 or greater and every product comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. Additionally consumers will get free samples with every order.


Amazon offers a wide range of individual Dermelect products as well as a few sets. In general the prices are a bit lower on the Dermelect website.

-Rescue Me Remedy Kit: Contains Immaculate Nail Cleanse Prep, Launchpad Strengthener, High Maintenance Nail Strengthener, and Cuticle Treatment. Each set is available for $44.46 and ships for free.

Many Dermelect products ship for free or with qualifying purchases.

Skin Store (

This website offers the full line of Dermelect products including nail treatments as well as other beauty care items.

Skin Store offers free shipping on all purchases totaling $49.00 or more. All purchases under $49.00 ship for a flat rate of $5.00. Consumers can also get their product shipped by FedEx Two day for only $10.00.

Skin Store also offers international shipping for $15.00 and it takes roughly ten to fourteen days for product arrival.

Dermelect Nail Care Review Summary

Women who want to improve the appearance of their hands and nails will want to consider trying Dermelect products.

With a thirty day money back guarantee consumers can feel good about making a purchase and giving it a try without the risk of wasting money if they are unhappy with the product.

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