DIY Glitter Identifying Keys

For a faster identification of a specific key among a consistent collection of keys you can use a cute and elegant technique that will transform your key into a precious item. All that you need for the process is: key, craft glue, glitter, sealer. Apply glue on one side of the key head and sprinkle on the glitter. Gently press and let dry. Repeat process for the other side of the key. Seal on the glitter with nail polish top coat sealer and proceed on with other keys, using different colored glitter. Have fun and be creative!

Sparkles are one of the many fab things we girls love!!! Here C Mae had the great idea, glitter keys. I know cute and girly! So thanks to this amazing tutorial I would have sparkle hot pink keys. YAY!

She gives a little tip to keep the keys glitter from coming out  “SEAL it with nail polish top coat sealer!” C. Mae says.  She is definitely a very fab lady. Thanks for this awesome idea.