DryWeave Review – Men’s Silver-Woven Anti-Microbial Athletic Shirts?


DryWeave are silven-wolven athletic shirts made specifically for men. So far, the DryWeave Indiegogo campaign has raised $3,000 towards its goal of $25,000 to make the shirts a reality.

The company claims that their shirts are anti-microbial, quick-dry, rugged, and comfortable and can be worn by people for a variety of purposes.

What Are The Features Of The DryWeave Athletic Shirts?

The included DryWeave technology allows its users to remain comfortable and dry all day long, which means that users do not have to suffer from sweat. The fabric is claimed to dry instantly, thus making it especially effective for wearing the shirts in hot and humid weather.

In addition to being comfortable and durable, the Dry Weave shirts are also subtly-textured, thus giving them a designer look at a fraction of the cost that one could buy normally.

Behind The Founders Of Dry Weave

The owners of DryWeave state that they were looking for an alternative product in the market of compression gear and performance sports that both men and women can wear.

Disillusioned with the products that were being offered at the time, they set out to create a brand new technology that allows its sweat to be effortlessly absorbed by the shirt itself. The result is that one could exercise for long periods of time without the uncomfortable feeling of sweat or working their bodies too hard to stay dry.

If their initial DryWeave venture proves to be successful, the team intends on releasing new products to the market in future, including a range of complementary products to Dry Weave.

How Do The Dryweave Compression Shirts Work?

Clinically, compression gear is designed to deliver certain levels of strain to the affected limb. Normal pressure ranges are from 20 to 40 millimeters, depending upon the limb and the clinical indication.

These pressure levels are designed to improve venous return and decrease edema in patients with different vein disorders.

In the wholesome athlete, compression gear serves a different function. Most who choose to wear compression garments anticipate that they will experience enhanced circulation. It’s thought that compression clothing can reduce muscle oscillations which will theoretically maximize the contraction management of muscle fibers, resulting in enhanced mechanical efficacy and running kinematics.

Use of compression equipment may also reduce vibration in skeletal muscle during training and competition. It is hypothesized that the decreased vibration could lead to less muscle trauma, and because of this, less fatigue and biomechanical alterations throughout the course of an endurance event.

In this following case, the combined benefit of those outcomes would be reduced exercise-induced muscular damage. As a result, athletes are expected to experience less soreness, edema and faster recovery in the days following exercise.

How Effective Is Compression Gear While Exercising?

The advertising terminology for compression equipment includes words like improved thermoregulation, reduced muscle oscillation, and enhanced flow. As an educated consumer, it’s always better to take a peek at the most recent data that is summarized below.

By way of example, there is significant variability among studies that incorporate the form and duration of exercise, the steps used as indicators of performance or recovery, the instruction and health status of these participants, the length that the compression clothing were worn, the total period of wear, and the pressure exerted and the area of the body covered.

Several other studies have been released to support that compression garments reduce post-exercise declines in jump height, minimize strength loss, reduce muscle edema (swelling), and ease muscle soreness.

In the case of running, although anecdotal arguments exist to encourage that compression clothing may improve performance during an event, other studies proves differently.

For example, compression calf sleeves did increase oxygen saturation of the blood in subjects at rest prior to the exercise and during the recovery process, but no improvements were observed in conducting performance or the time to exhaustion in subjects wearing calf sleeves.

So Is Compression Gear Such As Dryweave Effective?

An overview of the literature does indicate that compression garments have a place in sport, especially for athletes who train and compete on a regular basis. When there are relatively few scientific reports of performance benefits while wearing compression gear during competition, there’s certainly compelling evidence to support that compression gear assists the recovery procedure.

DryWeave Summary

The results that one can get from wearing a compression shirt such as DryWeave are well documented, although their overall effectiveness remains unknown, or at least disputed. In any case, shoppers can be rest assured that Dry Weave could be a viable choice for a compression shirt if they keep their expectations realistic.

Only time will tell if DryWeave will be able to raise the required funds or not. Until then, the Dry Weave brand remains as one of the many well-intentioned ideas that are gaining traction on the Indiegogo platform.

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