Flat Reuseable Water Bottle For Students On The Go?

a5 Memobottle

Traditional reusable water bottles tend to be bulky and lower quality bottles can often leak inside bags. A5 Memobottle is a new product designed to fit neatly in bags alongside laptops without adding bulk.

Consumers can choose bottle size based on their normal rucksack and start eliminating single use plastic bottles from their life. Please read below to learn more about Memobottle products.

What Is A5 Memobottle?

Memobottles are the brainchild of Australian and American inventors who were tired of seeing the waste created by single use plastic bottles. These inventors recognized that in order for consumers to use reusable bottles they must be convenient and easy to use.

Many traditional reusable bottles are large and cumbersome making it difficult to slide into a laptop carrier or briefcase. This day in age people no longer want to carry around large bags for all of their goods and instead value small, lightweight devices. This is where the Memobottles stand out in the field.

Designed to slide into messenger bags and backpacks with ease with their flat, rectangular design. Consumers can choose between two sizes with a third size on the way with a current Kickstarter campaign.

Offering a sleek, stylish way to stay hydrated and reduce environmental impact on a daily basis, Memobottles are manufactured from BPA free plastic and are dishwasher safe. Users do not need to worry about leaks or spills when stored next to their precious electronics.

How Does A5 Memobottle Work?

Created to fit into tight spaces like messenger bags or small backpacks, Memobottles make it easier for people to keep water on hand preventing the urge to purchase single use drink bottles. Many reusable water bottles are large and difficult to fit into bags with expensive electronics; Memobottles offer a slim design that is able to stand up unassisted.

These bottles are designed for cold liquids only and should not be used with hot or carbonated liquids. Memobottles are dishwasher safe making them easy to keep clean between uses. Consumers who wish to customize their style can choose to purchase decorative caps that display their style.

Memobottle Pricing

Amazon is now the exclusive dealer for Memobottles online. Consumers have a choice between three sizes of bottles. The A7 Memobottle holds 180 milliliters of liquid and is sold for $22.00. The middle size bottle measures A6 and holds 375 milliliters of liquid for $28.00. The largest option is the A5 size that holds 750 milliliters for $36.00.

The two larger sizes ship free within the United States. The smallest bottle is eligible for free shipping with qualified Amazon purchases totaling $25.00 or more.

Should You Use A5 Memobottle?

Unlike any drink bottles ever invented, the A5 Memobottles offer a sleek unique style that helps reduce single use plastic for people on the go. The smallest bottle is perfect for purses and for when users want to keep a small amount of water with them tucked neatly next to an iPad or e-reader. To view and purchase Memobottles please visit www.amazon.com.

Buy Flat Reuseable Water Bottle For Students On The Go?

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