Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle Review

Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle

Most bodybuilders don’t know this, but the quest for bulk and mass can actually be negated by the resultant fat that ensues shortly after you stop bulking and training.

There’s a reason many bodybuilders go from bulky and fit to fat and obese within a few months of ceasing all training. Yet, fat was never the goal when they started working out.

This happens primarily because of how they went about their bulking and cutting as well as the amount of supplements and steroids ingested to help them achieve that body. At the end of the day, workouts or not, you want a lean, chiseled, muscular body that turns heads.

This is what Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle aims to correct.

What Is Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle?

Created by certified and popular bodybuilder, and author Frank Rich, Massthetic Muscle is a muscle building program containing new advanced science based protocols designed to help you sculpt your body to that perfect frame.

If you have ever seen some bodybuilders who looked just perfect muscle wise, they probably followed some form of workout and eating program that was similar to Massthetic Muscle’s. Contrary to the popular notion that you need to gain as much muscle as quickly as possible, Frank teaches small gains every month.

This is the basis of every successful workout and bodybuilding program with long lasting results. If you want the here today, gone tomorrow muscle building, you can always juice up on anabolic steroids, which gets you the results you crave, but also has the side effects of increased estrogen levels, resulting in “man boobs” and fat as soon as you stop using them and working out.

What’s In The Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle Program?

Seasoned fitness experts have always taught consistent small incremental muscular gains and growths for longer lasting results and pleasing muscles.

Unless your goal is to look very big or like the Incredible Hulk, there’s really no reason for hardcore bulking or extreme cutting anymore. These not only look unattractive, they are also capable of doing significant damage to your health.

Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle’s program is divided into three stages:

  • Initiation Cycle
  • Growth Cycle
  • Targeted Cycle

Each preceding stage leads to the other, and are designed to get your body to the maximum state where you can burn off unwanted fat faster –accelerated thermogenesis, increase muscle, chisel your body and get sculpted like a royal statue.

Some of Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle highlights include:

  • Weight training regimens that will have the fat melting off your body and the muscles piling on nicely
  • Tasty foods you need to eat to get the requisite amount of calorie without necessarily feeling starved. You don’t have to avoid your favorite foods just because you want to get muscular. You can actually do both
  • Easy training routines that will get you excellent muscle building results without spending all day in the gym
  • 12 week focused training to get you from where you are now to having the body of your dreams. This comprises of three different training programs split into 3, 5 and weeks consecutively. By the end of the course, you’re likely to get great results from the training
  • Possible addition of 14 pounds of pure muscle during the training program

Is There Any Difference Between Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle And Other Muscle Building Programs?

Well, there’s a significant difference. Most programs out there only focus on bodybuilding, bulk, and weight loss. There hasn’t been any that was solely designed for sculpting that makes you look good.

Frank focuses on aesthetics because, let’s be honest, there are far too many weird looking muscular guys whose looks are only perfect for bodybuilding competitions or as bouncers.

Packing on muscles doesn’t mean you have to look like an action figure. Massthetic Muscle’s focus is on helping you get that awesome, ideal muscular body that every guy envies and every woman craves.

Does Frank Rich Massthetic Muscle Work?

Frank Rich’s program sounds like the real deal. But then, most training programs do until you try them out and find that they are a waste of money and time.

There’s scarce testimonials from people who have successfully used the method to get sculpted. So, you might want to do your due diligence before buying this one.

Frank’s approach however, seems pretty straightforward. For starters, he tells you upfront that this will involve a ton of work and effort. That tells us he’s honest, compared to other training programs that try to sell you on the ease of their training.

That’s refreshing in an industry awash with hype and subterfuge just to sell weight loss and muscle building training programs or supplements.

The one caveat is we think that this training might better for people who have been training for a while, and not for beginners. So, you may want to consider that if you’re a beginner bodybuilder.

The program costs just $19, but you can get the program for less by simply entering “save30” in the coupon area of the order page. This qualifies for a whopping 30 percent discount, essentially putting it at less than $15.

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