Free Form Total Body Workout Fitness Training Device?


Staying healthy is something that is hard to do with people’s busy life styles. Everyone’s fitness journey is different and uniquely tailored. Even with a defined workout routine and diet plan, sticking to these plans involve a lot of dedication and time. More often than not, individuals find themselves in situations where there is no time to hit the gym and lack the necessary equipment to do so at home. Thus, begins the struggle of constantly trying to achieve set goals. This is where the xChain comes into play.

The xChain is a proclaimed ten-pound fitness device that is supposed to let individuals train in ways that are new and never thought possible before. It is believed to be an evolved piece of equipment that will provide a better kind of workout. This review will look into the xChain in terms of its purpose, how it works, what is includes, and its affordability.

What Is xChain?

The xChain is a shape-shifting workout equipment, made of metal, that is intended to be used anywhere, any time. It is supposedly integrated with bodyweight, ballistic, balance, three-dimensional movement training, and much more to enhance and facilitate one’s workout.

How Does xChain Work?

When weight training, the common misconception for a thorough workout, is increasing the weight in which one trains with. The xChain claims to revolutionize weight training by keeping the weight at a constant 10 pounds. It is malleable, in the sense that people can change its shape. Thus, the idea behind this mechanism, is manipulating the net force, which is a product of mass and acceleration. With its ability to change the shape of the device, the force exerted by individuals may significantly increase or decrease depending on the movement.

Another supposed benefit of having its shape as malleable as possible, is that individuals can control the intensity of the workout. Thus, if an individual’s muscles become sore or tired, said individual can still continue to workout just at a reduced pace, which is done by simply changing the shape to fit the desired comfort zone.

Purchasing xChain Total Body Workout Fitness Training Device

The xChain is one device that can be shape shifted in over 14 different ways and used in over 500 exercises. Individuals investing in the xChain may expect to receive one xChain device, along with a training guide and daily workout ideas.

The xChain is currently in the fundraising portion of the timeline. As the campaign for xChain is still on going, expecting to be off Kickstarter on March 16, 2018, products will not be shipped immediately. Once it is off the website, shipments are expected to be delivered in early May of 2018.

Individuals have the option to back the project in several different ways. For example, with a pledge of 30 US dollars, individuals can expect to receive a xChain hat. With a pledge of 205 US dollars individuals can expect to receive the xChain, in either black or white, free shipping, and one-year access to training content. Investing in the xChain now, is claimed to be economical, as consumers are offered an 80-dollar rebate.

xChain Summary

Overall, the xChain appears to be a valuable investment, considering that it claims to revolutionize one’s fitness journey. It is a ten-pound device that can be used whenever and wherever the consumer feels necessary. Because many consumers yearn for the most convenient methods possible, the xChain is sure to meet their expectations. Since it is currently on Kickstarter for funding, consumers are more likely to get their money’s worth now rather than waiting for it to hit the retailer’s shelves. For more information, go to:

Buy Free Form Total Body Workout Fitness Training Device?

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