Fresh Bellies Review – Healthy On The Go Natural Baby Food Blends?

fresh bellies

When it comes to choosing the right type of baby food, parents have many factors to consider. For a baby, it is his or her first time being introduced to the various flavors existing today, therefore one must choose baby food that reflects its true flavors, which are not masked. Secondly, it is believed that many baby foods may contain added sugar or preservatives.

This has been done, as previously mentioned, to hide the true taste of fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately what this actually does, is that it gets babies addicted to something that is not real and overtime it can be of concern. What can parents to do ensure that their babies are being fed quality and nutritious food?

This is where Fresh Bellies may come into play.

Fresh Bellies claim to reverse the negative notions consumers might have on baby food. Their ultimate goal is to provide tasty, healthy and organic baby food and the following review will look closely at what they have to offer in terms of its purpose, the flavors offered and its uniqueness.

What is Fresh Bellies?

Fresh Bellies was created by Saskia Sorrasa and incorporates Nick Kennedy and Virgo Schiffino’s expertise within the food industry. Sorrasa created Fresh Bellies with the intentions of hopefully helping other parents increase their babies’ palates earlier on in age.

She believes that being exposed to various vegetables and fruits at a young age can help each child appreciate its true taste over the long run. This is where Kennedy comes into play, as he is the executive chef that ensures each flavor is spot on.

What Flavors Does Fresh Bellies Offer?

Fresh Bellies currently comes in 5 various flavors, of which 2 are fruit-based and 3 are vegetables-based. Here is a quick breakdown of each flavor in terms of its ingredients list:

Broccoli Ever After

Broccoli Ever After is said to include Broccoli, Chard, Lite Coconut Milk, Yogurt, Lemon Juice, Garlic Cloves, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We got the Beet

We got the Beat is said to include Golden Beet, Lemon Juice, Thyme and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Apple of My Eye

Apple of My Eye is said to include Apples, Blueberries, Coconut Water and Mint

Cauliflower Dreamin

Cauliflower Dreamin is said to include Cauliflower, Bell Peppers, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Thyme.

A Pearfect Pair

The Pearfect Pair, as the name implies contains a pair of ingredients which are Pears and Ginger.

To further add to the ingredients mentioned above, Fresh Bellies claims to only use organic ingredients. Based on the analysis, it is clear that Apple of My Eye and A Pearfect Pair are fruit-based, while the remaining three focus on a baby’s vegetables intake. Each flavor is said to be free from salt and sugar, but instead includes versatile herbs and spices to enrich the overall taste factor.

Their cooking methods may differ across flavors. For instance, Pearfect Pair contains caramelized pears, while the vegetables-based food may include sautéed or roasted vegetables instead of the use of typical boiling methods.

How Does Fresh Bellies Differ From Traditional Baby Food?

Besides its enhanced flavor profile, Fresh Bellies are proclaimed as smartly packaged. To ensure that the baby food is safe and of great quality, Fresh Bellies uses a tamper evident seal on all the cups.

In addition, their lids may snap back that way parents can easily store leftover food in the fridge. In this case, parents should not make it a habit, as it is ideal to consume baby food within a day of opening it. Lastly, it may also come with a spoon for optimal convenience.

Fresh Bellies Final Thoughts

While it is true that in the early stages, babies must be fed a liquid to smoothie-like consistency, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be introduced to herbs and spices. By incorporating different types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices earlier on, it is believed that as they grow up they won’t fidget or dislike actual vegetables, which is the case with most children today.

Fresh Bellies are said to be of its true nature, whether it be the ingredients used or the taste associated with them. Furthermore, babies are more likely to receive the required nutrients with Fresh Bellies, as they claim to refine any unnecessary procedures and additives.

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